Teenberries and the Temple of Names

Oof, that sucks. I’m sorry

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This is very valuable information, thank you


i got 17.8% xD

unless you’re not in the states and your grading system is weird that’s not a great grade and that sucks I’m sorry

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ya im in the us lol… i am dyscalculic but they wont give me an iep so i have an f in math.

FUN NEWS i’m an aficionado now :nail_care: woohoo



hi guys !!! did a uc revamp & now i’m just chillin !!

life updates ~

tomorrow i have to be at school for like nine hours bc i have school & then i play at the football game but i’m not going home in between so i’m just going to chill in the band room for like three hours



wrestling is great & my coach wants me to play the national anthem at our matches, solo

i’m terribly excited

i ate a lot of fruit salad today

that’s about it, i think !! what’s new with you guys ?


good choice i approve

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Oh no :anguished: I hope you can find some alternatives

Wow that’s pretty cool!

[name_f]Pretty[/name_f] good although I have sooo many assessments :grimacing: [name_f]My[/name_f] study to-do list currently has 18 things on it :woozy_face:

Congrats! Join the club : D

hold up if you’re at school for nine hours and you get three hours off how short is your school day?


stress lmao


ahaha have fun :wink:


i noticed that you were also an aficionado just earlier today! cool!

i was going to say :thinking: @elliewilbury

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it’ll be awesome :sunglasses: :muscle:


i’m glad :grin:

oh, good luck darling!


idk about russy, but mine is eight hours? so yeah, that is short.

how are we feeling today?

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re: my school day

fridays we get out earlier— normal school days are seven and a half hours, i think ? and so fridays are six and half hours

so ig two and half hours to hang out in the band room before the game

guys am i doing my math wrong


um. lucky.

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pffff well i have to stay there anyway

i mean i guess that’s true

hopefully !!

i may be the only one there

in which case i’ll jsut play for the two and a half hours :rofl:

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oooh I knew this by reading a book on the history of the Perdiodic Table that I borrowed from my Chemistry teacher in highschool!

oh congrats! I still have no idea what that title means! :joy:


i think it’s if you visit 100 consecutive days!

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ohhh okay! thanks (:

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