Teenberries and the Temple of Names

That sounds so fun :laughing:

That’s funny but weird at the same time…

I use centimeters too

That’s soooo cool omg I’m amazed i could never :clap:

That’s so cute!!! I love its legs :joy: is it a bird ?



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I ate it OH GOSH THAT WAS REALLY SWEET EWW (it was good tho)

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that looks delicious

it was pretty ridiculous :relieved::v:


I can imagine it looked so sweet :joy:

okay, but i have so many projects and assignments and i just wasted like a whole hour scrolling through random shit on my phone and now i’m freaking out cause i don’t have enough time to waste time !! i have a history assignment and a million EV projects i have to finish and maths homework and two tests to study for and two moodboard collabs with deadlines SOON !! ahhhh and now i’m on nb cause i needed to do something to chill out, but everything is piling up in a big stressful, messy mountain :sob::sob:

how are you love ?


happy nameberryversiary :white_heart:

hi lovely tilda, how are you :two_hearts:?

oh my gosh excellent.

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It was fine until the head

Honestly I get that more than I should. [name_m]Just[/name_m] take it one assignment at a time, okay?

Thank you :turkey:

Mostly lol

Odd character name question for you all. Don't open this if you don't want to though

Is Hawthorne Rivers too nature-namey for a fiction character? (Edit: First and last name. Not first and middle) He’d be the son of two celebrities, if that changes anything. Any opinions are appreciated, haha


i think you’re good! even if you weren’t, celebrities are known for naming creatively :wink:

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yo what? second grade?

i agree

i love love love marjorie august!

it looks so pretty!

It actually looks tasty
the broken oreo though :joy:


I just realized that I should probably say that [name_u]Rivers[/name_u] is his last name, not his middle name!

as a canadian, centimeters >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> inches.

sorry americans, but it’s true

that looks great ruby!


good luck finishing your projects ella!

it’s good! definitely sounds like a celeb name.


hey, don’t ask me :woman_shrugging: i only just got with someone this year

why thank you lottie

i still think it’s fine, to be honest!

relatable :sob: godspeed, el


hawthorne rivers sounds super cool! big celebrity vibes for sure, but in a good way!


hey, that’s alright love! take it one step at a time. this might be a little late, but i’m hoping that everything works out. sometimes, looking at it all at once can be scary and overwhelming. what’s your biggest priority? work on that first, and slowly narrow it down. i love you so very muchly and i believe that you can do this!! <33

i’m pretty good right now! i just met my word count goal for the day, and i’m listening to classical music and vibing :))

tank you :yellow_heart:

:facepunch: :handshake: :foot: :raised_hands:

i like it! i think it’s cool and it works.

inches are pointless, and as an american, i can attest to this. it makes no logical sense? like where does twelve come from??


ooh anne tell me more but only if you want to

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me tooooo!! although it never snows where i live, and i dont think it ever will sadly :pensive:

oh no, luckily you werent too late! yesterday i got on an express train and nearly went like 45 minutes from where i was meant to go but then i could get off luckily

thats the same with me and my younger sis

Cold fingers are the worst!

i feel you, centimetres are way better sorry americans

Thats really cool!!

very much agree!

my school has an event so im staying here for another 3 hours so i have loads of time to spend on nameberry yay!! lol



unpopular opinion: inches are more rad than centimeters

@lemonrose i love the taylor swift combos!
[name_f]Marjorie[/name_f] is one of my favorite [name_u]Taylor[/name_u] [name_m]Swift[/name_m] songs. (All the rest of my favorites are on the Lover album- except for Better Than Revenge and Haunted!)

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Definitely not, especially for a celeb kid

I tried to put it back together!!

Haha I actually got to school 15 mins late but it was because of delays and broken elevators so all was cool :v:

Why is everyone ganging up on us Americans?!?! I mean, you’re not particularly wrong, but still.

ah aren’t periods just fine. amazing. I’m dying. No I’m not I’m just irritated. Bye.

happy thanksgiving, y’all!

learning that my thanksgiving name is josepha chamomile underhill

i had a gf when i was eleven! it was hilariously embarrassing and also my only official romantic experience so far :woozy_face:

my dad always says he has a different gf every year from kindergarten to sixth grade. he tells the story like this: “and then i would tell adam, who would tell mark, who would tell robert, who would tell sharon, who would tell julie, who would tell rachel, who would tell becky that i had a crush on becky, and then becky would tell rachel, who would tell julie, who would tell sharon, who would tell robert, who would tell mark, who would tell adam, who would tell me that she liked me back. and then we would be boyfriend and girlfriend.”

every subway rapper aspires to this level of swag

i’ve always believed america needs to switch to metric bc what the what is a peck??
did you know that one and a half ounces is a jigger?

that looks so good!!

that looks so something!!

considering his celebrity parentage i actually think that’s a better name than if you had named him hawthorne johnson or whatever. think about river phoenix!