Teenberries and the Temple of Names

Definitely not, especially for a celeb kid

I tried to put it back together!!

Haha I actually got to school 15 mins late but it was because of delays and broken elevators so all was cool :v:

Why is everyone ganging up on us Americans?!?! I mean, you’re not particularly wrong, but still.

ah aren’t periods just fine. amazing. I’m dying. No I’m not I’m just irritated. Bye.

happy thanksgiving, y’all!

learning that my thanksgiving name is josepha chamomile underhill

i had a gf when i was eleven! it was hilariously embarrassing and also my only official romantic experience so far :woozy_face:

my dad always says he has a different gf every year from kindergarten to sixth grade. he tells the story like this: “and then i would tell adam, who would tell mark, who would tell robert, who would tell sharon, who would tell julie, who would tell rachel, who would tell becky that i had a crush on becky, and then becky would tell rachel, who would tell julie, who would tell sharon, who would tell robert, who would tell mark, who would tell adam, who would tell me that she liked me back. and then we would be boyfriend and girlfriend.”

every subway rapper aspires to this level of swag

i’ve always believed america needs to switch to metric bc what the what is a peck??
did you know that one and a half ounces is a jigger?

that looks so good!!

that looks so something!!

considering his celebrity parentage i actually think that’s a better name than if you had named him hawthorne johnson or whatever. think about river phoenix!


i would, but i’m not in the mood to explain :kissing_heart:

rad is an awesome word :dark_sunglasses: :clap:

i’m glad :v:

let’s settle this once and for all :triumph:

  • inches
  • centimeters
  • eleanor ‘nell’

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i’m sorry elle :woozy_face: i recommend buying a heating pad and drinking a bunch of water. not that you need my advice.

josepha chamomile kinda slaps though!!

america needs to switch to metric and start using celsius instead of fahrenheit, bc fahrenheit makes no sense whatsoever

okay this reminded me of something random:

who here watches m night shyamalan? i saw signs and the village a little while back and decided he was one of my favorite directors :ok_hand: ooh, and christopher nolan!

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history time!
america did try to switch to metric (at some point) but it caused a ton of chaos and people couldn’t understand the speed markers while driving, leading to tons of issues & such, so we switched back. people have suggested switching but at this point, i think it’d be too much of a hassle - unless we started teaching metric to children and slowly incorporated it over time.

(i learned this in like 8th grade so it may not be totally accurate lmao)

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i know that around the midcentury there was a huge push to teach kids metric in schools b/c they all assumed the country would be using metric by the time the kids grew up, but then it just… didn’t happen

v. true – my point was entirely theoretical lol. also i bet the far right would try to paint it as like a socialist european plot or something


that’s probably our best bet, huh?

Fun fact: [name_f]Canada[/name_f] used to use the imperial system too, but they switched to metric (I believe in the 70s). It was a good decision if you ask me (a totally not biased Canadian who primarily uses metric)


nah it’s already nice like that

i love how eleanor was thrown in there

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So glad we could get that settled

[name_u]Happy[/name_u] Thanksgiving (late but still)

Wow haha someone asked me out when I was 11 so I guess I can sorta relate but I was not a fan of the whole thing or the guy (emphasis on guy)

Aaand now we know how old your dad is :wink:

A what now

Why thank you

Nah I most certainly do thanks [name_u]Anne[/name_u]

It doesn’t make very much sense when it comes to freezing/boiling point but I feel like saying “it’s 100 degrees Fahrenheit” sounds so much better than “it’s 37 degrees Celsius”

Yeah unfortunately

Definitely not biased

Yay :grin:

Things about my Thanksgiving you might appreciate
  • [name_f]My[/name_f] cousin has an unidentified learning disorder and he alerted me, entirely seriously so now I’m confused, that sometimes he’ll look at a number and instead of seeing a number he’ll see a chicken. He’s 8 btw and I’m confused.
  • my uncle has been really busy lately so I haven’t gotten to see him much but we hung out at Thanksgiving and it was really fun and he made fun of me
  • I rolled down a really steep hill
  • I ate a lot of really good food
  • how was your Thanksgiving, if you celebrated? (I felt like I needed a 5th bullet point so I put the question here)

He might have Synesthesia, maybe you should look into it.

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lmaooo i was trying to explain ntbs to my dad and as an example i gave this criteria from my new ntb: “her name is a long, unusual name that can be shortened to the nickname “kit.” her middle name relates to a classic film, and her last name is of chinese origin but not popular in china.”

and he came up with: skittles nosferatu chan-li “kit”

i think my middle-aged father could completely make it as a teenberry. he understands our vibe


oh, no bias whatsoever

he had great taste though :kissing_heart:

anytime, sunny!

mmm true :thinking:

my Super [name_f]Awesome[/name_f] [name_m]Luck[/name_m] kicked on on thursday and blessed me with a sore throat and a nasal congestion, so i spent most of thanksgiving laying on a couch :woozy_face: i did get some potatoes and gravy, so it wasn’t all bad

skittles ‘kit’ is kind of amazing, though :clap:

happy belated thanksgiving, folks! i hope everyone had a lovely time!


What a unique gem, we appreciate him


hmph fine

this low-key slaps

anyways, happy thanksgiving, americans!


It was good! I celebrated with my grandparents, aunt and uncle, cousins, and some more extended family.

Amazing :heart:

Same to you!

Thanks [name_f]Emma[/name_f]!


hello people how are we ? :love_letter:

how ella is
  • okay
  • i’m trying to get part of my history assignment done, but i can’t focus and it’s freezing cold.
  • theo’s coming over this evening, but he sounds cross over text ): so i’m a little worried even though it’s ridiculous cause how can i tell that he’s cross over text ? i can’t… i just think i can.
  • i need a second name for remus that is a bit more out there than remus, suggestions welcome
  • i’ve been invited to go bike-riding with two new friends today and i’m very excited and nervous !!
  • tell me something about your week

Hopefully it gets warmer!

That’s really interesting!

I get what you mean for me it’s kind of a gut feeling the way there texts are a bit shorter and sharper I get the sense that they are angry. Hopefully everything goes okay! :two_hearts:

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] everyone! How are we today?

I’m supposed to be productive today, but instead I’m naming characters and making picrews of them

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Hey that seems potentially accurate, thanks

That’s so much better than mine! Jeez, July’s dad. Why aren’t you on NB?!

Yayyy :blush:

Because like. Wow, 37 degrees. Sounds hot, I suppose. 100 degrees. Let me go find a pool and some lemonade and a fan. I’m biased tho so :woman_shrugging:

Oh no! Hmmm I wonder if it’s possible to ship leftover turkey and pie and stuff

Fun fun

Everybody says trying to do homework with a blanket on is hard but it’s harder to do homework when you’re freezing your butt off so I say go get a blanket [name_f]Ella[/name_f]

Uh oh I hope it goes well

I can’t quote the bike riding thing idk why but that’s great, I hope you have fun!

[name_f]My[/name_f] dad alerted me that we’re going on an adventure today but he won’t tell me where to

[name_f]Flick[/name_f] what are you talking about that is productive. [name_m]Just[/name_m] in a different way.