Teenberry Gift Exchange 2021 - Hosted by Eileithyia

:cloud: . . . ⇢ ˗ˏˋ Welcome to Eileithyia’s annual gift exchange! ࿐ྂ

Although I have more or less “graduated” from the teenberries, I had such fun hosting a gift exchange last year, that I thought I would do so again this year.

For the teens who don’t know me… Hi, I’m Eileithyia! I’m 18, from NZ, and have been on Nameberry since I was 13 (under a different account :sweat_smile:).

So, here is how this works…!

People have already indicated in a poll that they would like to participate, however I will open another poll for 24 hours to see if there are anymore takers.

Please indicate if you want to be involved in the gift exchange. Even if you voted on the last poll, please also vote on this one! I will detail below what this will entail.

  • I would like to participate in the gift exchange.

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Questions & Answers… Please read before voting on the poll!

Q1: What’s the teenberry gift exchange?
A: The teenberry gift exchange is a new tradition established by Eileithyia, and it works somewhat like a Secret Santa. Eileithyia puts the usernames of participating teenberries into a generator, and assigns each teenberry another person to produce a gift for. These gifts are free and exchanged online, via Nameberry. Your personal details beyond your username and what you choose to share WILL NOT BE NEEDED. I WILL REITERATE THAT THIS EXCHANGE IS ENTIRELY VIRTUAL AND ANONYMOUS.

Q2: Cool! So how do we join?
A: Simply vote on the poll. Please understand that once you’ve voted, this is your commitment to the exchange. By voting, you are declaring that you want to create a virtual gift for someone and receive a virtual gift from someone. When the poll closes, I will contact you and ask you a few quick questions about yourself (none of them will compromise your privacy).

Q3: I don’t know what to make! Do you have any ideas?
A: Yes, I have plenty of ideas! Here are a few suggestions for what you could make for your recipient:
1) A virtual or physical piece of art that relates to something they love. If the artwork is physical, just take a photo of it.
2) A Youtube/Spotify playlist of songs/videos that remind you of the person.
3) A Pinterest board with name/personal aesthetics.
4) Write them a short story/poem.
5) A virtual Christmas card.
6) Personalised name list.
7) Make them a unique profile picture/banner.
8) A custom wallpaper/moodboard.
9) Anything else! Get creative! Last year, someone made a virtual treasure hunt for their recipient. Another made a poster that could be printed and hung up in someones room. Another wrote a letter about why their recipient was a wonderful friend.

Q4: How will my recipient receive their gift, and how will I receive mine?
A: Via Eileithyia (me)! Each of the participants will privately message me when they have completed their project. This message will include links/images of their gift, which I will then pass on to the intended recipient.

Q5: What if I don’t know the person who I am supposed to make a gift for?
A: That’s okay - I will tell you a little about them. It’s a good opportunity to do something nice for someone who you wouldn’t usually talk to. Once names are assigned, I will not be making any changes.

Q6: When is the deadline for gifts to be in?
A: Since I procrastinated making this thread, it will be later than usual. I would like all gifts to be completed by January 5th, 2022. So it’s more of a New Years exchange!

Q7: Are there any requirements to join?
A: Sort of. As long as you’re over 13 and under 20, you can join! Even if you haven’t spoken a word in the teenberry threads - you’re always welcome to be part of this community!

Q8: When will we find out who we are creating a gift for?
A: As soon as I have everyone’s information! So probably in about a week from the time of me posting this (hopeful…)

Q9: What questions will you ask me about myself?
A: I will ask you the following questions:
1) What are your favourite names?
2) What’s a hobby you love?
3) What are your favourite colours?
4) Is there any sort of gift you specifically don’t want to recieve?
5) Is there anything else your gift maker should know?

TLDR… But seriously – please do read! This is just a summary.

  • Anyone ages 13-20 are allowed to join.
  • Usernames of the person you are creating a gift for should be available in the next week or so.
  • To enter, you must consent to me asking you the questions outlined in Q9.
  • Deadline to send gifts to @eileithyia is the 5th of January. If this changes, I will let everyone know.
  • All decisions on who you are creating a gift for are final.
  • If you do not vote on the poll by the 19th of December NZDT, you will be unable to participate.

I will tag those who expressed interest in a message below, so they see this post.


Tagging those who expressed prior interest. Please remember to vote on the poll! If you no longer want to participate, no worries - just ignore this message.



Pt. 2

Tagging those who expressed prior interest. Please remember to vote on the poll! If you no longer want to participate, no worries - just ignore this message.


[name_f]Remember[/name_f] that even if I did not tag you, it is not too late to join!

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Aw i’m sad I didn’t see this. : ( I hope you all have fun!

You can still join if you’d like. I’m drawing names tonight

oh thank you! I’d like to join then :blush:

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@decembersmoon – for some reason I can’t privately message you. Could you start a conversation with me? Thanks!

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@eileithyia hey so i thought i’d voted on the poll??? sorry -w-
i do wanna participate


You can both join if you send me the answers to the questionnaire within the next 6 hours. :slight_smile: If you can’t send me your answers before then, it will be a bit too late unfortunately! Start a DM with me, and I’ll pass on the rest of the key information.

Sorry I was asleep when you responded to me. It’s fine I don’t have to participate. Maybe next year!

No no, it’s fine, you can still message me, I ended up falling asleep too. I’m happy to wait.

Deadline is tonight!

Waiting to be messaged the gifts from @LeafTree @EllArePea @rubylark @ivy.endlessly @Helena006 @RileyAddison13


is there a specific time tonight that you want us to turn it in by?

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[name_m]Just[/name_m] as soon as possible please. :slight_smile:


When are we going to get our gifts?

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When I’m back from my vacation, sorry. I only just got the last gift in yesterday, and I’m not going to have access to my computer until the 14th of [name_u]January[/name_u].


[name_m]Just[/name_m] got home 30 minutes ago. [name_u]Will[/name_u] organise all the gifts now and send them out in the next couple hours. So sorry for the wait! I’ll be honest - my life has been totally chaos, even outside of my holiday, so I’ve been quite inactive.

Thank you all for your patience!


Thank you again so much for hosting this [name_f]Stella[/name_f]! And to whoever made my gift - thank you as well, I love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thankyou for hosting [name_f]Stella[/name_f], it’s been so much fun! :heart:

@rubylark thankyou so much for my gift! I love it, it’s full of all the things that I love. I’m so grateful for it, lots of love xx

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Thank you for hosting [name_f]Stella[/name_f]! And thanks to whoever made my gift!