Terrible name - Almost peed my pants

This morning was my first Poli. Sci. class at university. The teacher was reading roll call, and called out what sounded like “Claw [name]Johnson[/name]”.

“It’s [name]Kayla[/name]”, said a girl in the back. "Oh, this must be a misprint.

[name]How[/name]'s it spelled?" asked the professor.

“No, that’s right. It K-L-A” replied the unfortunate young woman.

“Is there an apostrophe after the K?”

“Nope. [name]Just[/name] K-l-a.”

[name]Kayla[/name] = Kla (???)

[name]Just[/name] wanted to share. LOL

Ahh I get it. It’s K-lah. Still what the heck Kla isnt even remotely appealing…

I know! I kind of want to smack her parents. Why not K’la. It’s still bad, but at least it makes sense.

That is awful. [name]Truly[/name] awful.

I too saw a terrible name today on a pregnancy board - Phayth. This wasn’t an “idea” name - this woman already had a daughter named Phayth. It was too late to help her.

Seriously, poor girl. I think if it was me I would have taken it upon myself to change the spelling by the time I hit university!

oh my. . that’s bad!

Kla pronounced “[name]Kay[/name]-luh”? Really?! I’ll wager she has sisters named DNA and JME(pronounced [name]Dee[/name]-nuh and [name]Jay[/name]-mee, naturally). :slight_smile:

Phayth? That’s phabyoolus. :slight_smile:

Kla pronounced as [name]Kayla[/name]?
Clearly her parents don’t understand the basics of pronounciation. For it to be [name]Kayla[/name] it would have to be K-la or K’la. Although arguably that last one could still be pronounced as Cuh-la

lol are we so sure she didnt change it herself…I’ve seen many self namers go awry trying to make their new name yooneek. perhaps she failed english a few times?

Lol!! I burst out laughing right when I saw “Claw [name]Johnson[/name].” Haha!!!