THANK YOU to the Nameberry Community!

I want to thank the Nameberry community for helping me this past Fall pick a name for my first son, [name]Luciano[/name], who was born [name]November[/name] 16th at 8am. His birth has been a blessing in every sense of the word.

I cannot imagine life without him, but he just so happened to come at a time when my husband and I were getting set to launch the new business we had been working on for over a year. Talk about hectic! But somehow he has given me a new energy, even if I am sleeping half of what I used to :-).

Anyway, since this community has been supportive of me, and offered me such incredible advice, I would like to get your opinions on my new business -

We offer beautiful pieces of art from artists all over the globe, BUT the best part about is that we give you the tools online to customize each piece.

I’d really like to get a sense of what everyone thinks in terms of using our site to decorate your child’s nursery or, even better, allowing your bigger kids to have a hand in designing their own bedroom. We offer quite a few pieces for kids!

You can leave your most honest assessments of what I’ve been working on here, or email me at I would [name]LOVE[/name] to hear from you. If you were interested in purchasing a piece for your nursery or kid’s bedroom or for your home, email me and I can offer you a discount code.

Thanks again for all the support, everybody! This site is amazing.