Thanksgiving, fall, fresh, new beginning names?

Hello Berries,

Please don’t get frustrated with me as I know many of you are tired of reading my posts. I still have the several names and combo’s many of you have commented on and helped me with. We just still are not decided. I have two more questions that I hoped I could get some comments on:

What are some names that end in a and are three syllable and have the same feel as:


Also, what are some fresh, fall, thanksgivingish, new beginning names?

Thanks soooooo much!

Obvious, but unusual name choice – Pilgrim. [name]Palmer[/name] could be seen as having a similar meaning. [name]Journey[/name] could work too.

Typically, I tend to think Thanksgiving = Pilgrims = virtue-type names for girls.


3 syllable names that end with a (not sure about the same ‘feel’ as those listed, as I don’t really see them as all being the same type of name, but I’ll give it a try):


As far as Thanksgiving & [name]Autumn[/name] names, the only ones I can think of right off the top of my head are


The first fall names that come to mind are
[name]Shakira[/name] (means thankful)


[name]Autumn[/name]/Thanksgiving names:

[name]Autumn[/name] (obviously!)

I like [name]Promise[/name].

Anything along the lines of this theme for a Boy?
Thank youuuu