The All About Nameberry Quick Question Thread

Is it just me, or are the names not linking again?

Testing testing… Alex Ben Cassie

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Yep, I’ll send a note. Thanks for the catch!

why do people get kicked out of the lounge? how do you get back into the lounge?

It’s automatic. The Lounge is only visible to members Trust Level 3 and above. You can find out more about trust levels here.

Even I, as a moderator, have had (in the past - I currently have access) my trust level fall to where I lost access to The Lounge.

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@katinka sorry, wasn’t sure which thread to post this on :sweat_smile: the “meaning” section in the advanced search isn’t working for me, I wasn’t sure if it was a me problem or something with the site itself!

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Thanks! I’ll look into it.

ETA: I tried it and it seems to be working OK for me. What happens when you search “joy”, for example?

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that had one result: [name_f]Joie[/name_f]! every other meaning I’ve tried has said “no names match your criteria,” even though I’m using meanings I know are in the database!
It’s always worked in the past for me, that’s why I was confused why it wasn’t this time!

Could you retry some of the others you tried please and let me know what they were and what happens? [name_m]Just[/name_m] so I can test with the same parameters.

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OK, I think I worked it out. Looks like the search bar has become case-sensitive for some reason. I will ask for that to be changed back.

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Thanks so much! If you need any more info, just let me know :blush:

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Is the new US name data out?

Not yet but we expect it today!

Is there a way to loose the magnifying glass or decrease its presence? When I do a search on iPhone, it shows up and blocks a large portion of the screen and those under it can’t be clicked on. It will disappear until I hit my screen again and then it will show back blocking everything below it. If I scroll down the list, it will remain where it is.


I’ve been having this problem too and have flagged it up.

It’s not a solution, but while we try to fix this I find that rotating my screen to landscape and back to portrait orientation gets rid of it.


Thank you. I’ll give it a shot until a solution is found. I’m glad to know it’s not only happening to me (though I hate that it is happening at all).

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[name_m]Hi[/name_m] this may seem like an odd question but I’m quite new and I’ve noticed that some people when they list names almost tag them so if you click on them there’s a link to the name page? I was wondering if someone could maybe teach me how to do that? (it’s ok if not this might be a stupid question)

The tags show up automatically after about 5 minutes. If you stay on the page for that long, refresh it and they will show up.

If you edit your post, the tags won’t be there any more. If you want to add them back in, you’ll have to manually do so. The name will have to look exactly how it is on the database page to link, such as [name_f]Lucy[/name_f] will link to a page but lucy will not (if I’m not mistaken).

Test: [name_f]Lucy[/name_f] lucy