The Bella Names!

Okay, so recently I have noticed that all of the names that have [name]Bella[/name] in them are really in style right now. I really want to know all of the [name]Bella[/name] names that are out there because there seems like there is a lot! So could you guys list the ones you know! Thankx!


If you click on “Search for Names,” you can search for all names ending in -bella. There are 40…

Good luck!


I’m a big fan of the name [name]Belle[/name] just [name]Belle[/name], not a nickname. I forget that there’s this “Beauty and the Beast” movie and that kids are still watching it, so [name]Belle[/name] is this character, but I just think that is better sounding than any combo-belle or -bella name in my opinion.

My personal favorite is [name]Bellamy[/name]. It’s going to be one of my daughter’s middle names :slight_smile:

I have a niece named B”l”ne which would also work. (Pronounced [name]Bell[/name]-EN – accent on the second syllable.)

Our first daughter, born [name]January[/name] 2009, was given the name [name]Clarabella[/name], and I just love it! I took it from the Beatles cover song off of their Live at the BBC album.
I especially love seeing it written in cursive. Many people are taken back by her name and always complement our choice. The name is timeless. Classic.
We often call her [name]Bella[/name] and baby [name]Belle[/name], [name]Clarabelle[/name]…

One of my favorite [name]Bella[/name] names - excellent choice!

My nn is [name]Bella[/name], so I will be naming one of my daughters [name]Mirabella[/name], incorporating my beautiful nn!

Yep they are very in! (Sorry for any repeats!)



I don’t really like the [name]Belle[/name]/[name]Bella[/name] names in general. I was looking up Irish names and one I found is [name]Brielle[/name], which I thought was a nice twist on the [name]Belle[/name] names, as well as has the cute nn of [name]Brie[/name]/[name]Bree[/name].


Blech, they remind me of Twilight… sorry.

[name]Maribella[/name]/ [name]Maribel[/name]