The best lists......πŸ‘€

What are your favorite (or the best) lists on name berry? Where do you do find inspiration?

With the name hunter and recently searched options gone, I’m curious as to where you find your name loves?!

As always, I’m looking forward to your thoughts :blush:

-bee :honeybee:

P.s. Please use url tags like this:

2 of my favorite lists:
A list of international names (English): :wave:

A list of international names from diverse backgrounds: 🫢🏼

Happy sharing!

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725+ Nature Names for Babies | Nameberry


200+ Inspired Ocean Names for Babies | Nameberry

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More lists I love:

:fire: the og blog post about fastest-rising names, and it explains in detail the :fire: emoji on the site

:heart_on_fire: - a 2023 version of the list above

:rainbow: - the playground analysis

:sunglasses: - the best new names to the top 1000

:sunrise_over_mountains: the most popular names in my state

:bouquet: trending Latine names in the US

:roller_skate: vowel- constant - constant - vowel names

:v: no - nickname names

And finally, a not nb list: the SSA’s list of names with the highest increase in popularity :chart_with_upwards_trend:


I absolutely unapologetically love Poshest Names in Britain: Crunching the Numbers and Dark Academia Names :v:t2:

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