The Creator of the Angelos

Inspired by the Greek Psychopomps and the Southeast Asian Angelos, there is a species in my world called the Angelos; divine beings that transport souls between the mortal realm and the afterlife. But who created them? I’ve got some options. Which do you think is best?

  • Rhirna - Goddess of the Earth, Queen of the Gods, The Creator of All
  • Korelos/Erades - Co-rulers of the Undersea, Gods of the Dead
  • Cedna - Goddess of the Sea, whose oceans guards the Land of the Dead
  • Rhatha - Goddess of Fate and Prophecy
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I would say Rhatha or Korelos/Erades, but leaning toward Rhatha, as transporting souls ties into both of their domains, but Rhatha feels more like it is peoples fate to die, so the [name_f]Angelos[/name_f] come to transport them to the afterlife when it is their time to die, if that makes sense? Where as Cedna and Rhirna’s realms are completely unrelated.