The effects of chemo on a person with superspeed?

I have a character who has superspeed which applies to everything. She thinks at the same speed she runs, her cells regenerate as fast as her metabolism, you get my point. This means that her cancer cells, while already moving and growing faster than her normal cells, would grow even faster. Are there any reasonable complications I would run into? Such as her cells moving at enough speed to fight the cancer? And how would chemo work with her superspeed?

I’d appreciate anything,

Your universe, your choice. However, I would imagine that someone whose cancer cells multiply at superspeed would not live very long. Cell regeneration at superspeed would perhaps give her the ability to recover from chemo and radiation quickly? Again, I feel like it’s really up to you.

Like southern.maple said, you get a little artistic license here. No one can really answer you how chemo would work with her superspeed, since nobody in this world has superspeed. Research is your friend. Figure out what chemo and cancer do inside the body and then work to answer your own questions from there.

Thanks, I’ve done a lot of research over the pass few days & everything seems to be working out :slight_smile:

I think that the cancer’s supposed to grow quicker. The faster your cell generates, the more chances of mistakes there would be. But that’s clearly not a reported case, so you can be creative!

Good luck with your writing^^

Like previous posters have said, you definitely have creative license. That being said, I feel like if you’re going to have someone with super speed that affects her at a cellular level, you would need to create a chemotherapy designed for someone with super speed. I don’t think regular chemo would stand up against rapid cell regeneration, as cancer cells already form faster than they should and chemo can’t stand up to regular cancer sometimes. The super speed would likely make the formation of cancer cells even faster in which case it seems that she would die very quickly if only undergoing standard chemo, particularly since chemo kills all cells, good and bad. It does not differentiate.

Another thing to consider, as well, is how the decreased immune system associated with chemotherapy would affect her super speed. If her entire body’s support system is compromised, would she still function at the same speed she does when she’s healthy? The immune system plays such a giant role in how well our bodies function that I don’t think it’s possible for a severely compromised immune system to not affect someone with super speed.

Chemo also tends to make people sick and decreases appetite, so patients undergoing chemo often suffer from a decrease in nutrients and lose weight. Pair that with a decreased immune system and you usually have very low energy levels. I imagine your character needs a vast amount of energy to move at super speed, which would mean she likely would need to eat significantly more than most in order to keep her body from depleting its energy stores entirely on a daily basis. A decreased appetite is going to make eating enough, and thus keeping energy levels up, difficult.

[name_m]Just[/name_m] some things to think about. =] You could decide that none of this applies in your world, but having seen the effects of chemo first hand, these are definitely some things people can deal with while on it and my thoughts on how it might affect someone with super speed.

Good luck and happy writing!