The Fakery Index (warning: Math)

I think it’s is really simple: no one likes being lied to. It feels disrespectful to the people out there who really are pregnant teenagers or parents of multiples with complications or what have you.


  1. Yes: threads claiming to be about real pregnancies, especially multiples, nearly ALWAYS get more replies and attention
  2. There is a very, very strong aspect of wish-fulfillment to this
  3. ** It is no fun to concoct a fantasy identity unless you tell everyone all about it! That’s why the pathognomonic sign of fakers is immediate, early over-sharing, in addition to implausiblility.**

Like augusta_lee I like detecting frauds, just cause. But I’ve stated before I think the predilection of faking [I don’t call it trolling since is usually isn’t-- fakers want to ‘pass’ and get attention/sympathy/congratulations on their excellent taste, no stir up trouble] is troublesome for two reasons:

  • it detracts attention from real parents who want to name real babies, and need help- we waste time on the decoys
  • it stretches the credulity of the community at large, casting an unfair pall of suspicion over real posters

See, we are tabletop and online gamers and we do a lot of roleplaying and making up characters and backstories…I don’t see why these people wouldn’t just do that?

Fascinating stuff, D.I [name]Blade[/name] :wink: Keep up the good work!

Well said!

Absolutely this.

[name]Blade[/name], I think you would’ve been a great PI!

I also completely agree with the text maggiemary just quoted!

Oh this is so cool!
I do however think one reason (as someone mentioned, [name]Augusta[/name] I believe) there are more girls being named here is that boy names are usually more traditional. The same with multiples. This is really fun, though, either way! Thanks a lot!

Ew! I have never considered that. Icky. Now I am going to be worried about that. I think I’m naive to all of the fakery because this is the first board I have spent any real time on. Names interest me now that I have to name a person, but it’s probably a passing phase, unless I have another baby one day. Basically I am just pregnant and bored with too much time on my hands, and there’s some other really useful information on motherhood here. Better than “the bump” or “what to expect”. Smarter women, it feels like to me.

But what if they are a 65 year old man…who is pregnant with triplets?

That would be the best name challenge of all time.

Are your stats on multiples based upon natural conception only or natural conception + [name]ART[/name] conceptions? [name]Just[/name] curious?

I work with preggo moms, and >half conceive with medical help, and we see quite a few twins. Almost no triplets, though. It seems that RE’s have changed their protocols and standards a lot in the last few years.

I just read your last comment…hilarious :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh, that made me laugh so hard, my boyfriend had to muffle me with a pillow not to wake [name]Baba[/name] up!

@sdsurf: both. I included the spontaneous rate of twins/triplets as well as the real rate, due to [name]ART[/name]. You can see it in the “facts” file. I calculated the “excess” multiples off of the real, not the spontaneous, rate.

And you’re right, RE’s are much more cautious and conservative re: #of embryos transferred, monitoring women while on Clomid, and selective reduction when necessary.

LOL touche! Like I said - I’m just overly suscpicous.

Plus, I won’t lie - [name]Law[/name] & Order SVU and Criminal Minds are some of my TV staples, I’m a tad obsessed with crime and serial killers, so sometimes my imagination gets the better of me. >_<

Yeah, I wouldn’t let it bug you, I highly doubt we attract TOO many male creepers. But you are correct, the overall IQ on nameberry seems to be higher than the average parenting forum.

I think we should have a fantasy birth announcement thread.

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Oh, that would be really fun!

Very interesting. I must say, I’m always pretty amused by the imaginary pregnancies on this site.

Wow, this is incredible - I would never had guessed there were so many. I’m just really bad at spotting them I suppose…