The Forums are getting an update!

Yes I had! It was shortly after I sent the e-mail :smiley:

You said it will start on [name_f]Sunday[/name_f], will I start to use it on Sunday according to my country’s time zone or?
(For example, Eastern America usesGMT-5 and my country uses GMT+3, and I’m currently using nameberry with GMT+3 time zone. It’s afternoon in Eastern A. right now and there’s just one hour for me to start Sunday, it’s 23:00 here)

So excited for this new transition and I’m so happy that we’ll be able to have signatures!

Hello, it’s [name_f]Sunday[/name_f], nearly 10:00 a.m. in Turkey (GMT+3). When will it start?

Looking at the new boards, I’ve noticed many of the posts are getting cut off on March 25th (and some even earlier than that). Also, on posts where there was a poll, the first post is missing having been replaced by the poll instead of adding the poll in as a separate post in the thread. Is this going to be corrected or should we just say goodbye to the missing posts?

Hi @shells15

Thanks for spotting this!

Could you please link to a couple of the posts you’ve noticed so I can follow this up with examples please?

Hopefully it’s something that can be fixed.

For the polls replacing the original post, I’ll use my own for an example. Which combos for Indra work best?

For the boards cutting off early, I’ll use a couple of threads for examples.

Found another one that did not completely transfer over. I only came onto the board in March and it only transferred through Jan of this year.

I’ve also noticed that on pc view, the thread won’t completely load, yet on mobile view everything is loading (number listed is what is loaded i.e. 34/34 loading).

Hey, sorry for bothering again, but I have a question.

How I know I have replied in a thread before? I want to play some games but how do i know I have played them before?

@shells15 Thanks, that’s super helpful.

OK, I think see what you mean on the polls. You had a post to go along with the poll, and now all that’s displaying is the poll, correct?

The two posts that have been cut off early: were they still completely current? When should the latest posts have been?

Disclaimer: There may be a better way than this, I’m still learning too!

But you can see the avatars of frequent posters on particular topics in the box below:

There are also some avatars displayed next to each topic title on the homepage and within the categories, which will show some of the contributors.

Yep. I had a post to go with all of the polls I wrote.

Each of the posts I listed were active all the way through yesterday, give or take, prior to the switchover. The ones I looked at were cut off at least a month before their last (actual) active dates.

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OK. Got it. Thank you so much, I will follow this up as a priority and keep you posted!

Thank you. Also, the more I look at the threads, the more I’m noticing. Overall, I like it, but it will definitely take some getting use to.

I just looked again at my polls, and those votes registered yesterday were not included in the polls in the switchover. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but I thought I would give you a head’s up.

Absolutely! It’s really helpful. Please do let me know if you notice any other issues.

I’m sorry about all these little hitches, we will get them straightened out. It’s been a big project and I’m really grateful to everyone who is bearing with us as we iron these things out.

After spending a couple hours on the new forum I have to say I like it a lot. They only thing I really dont like and Iam disappointed about, is the games forum. You can’t find easily previous games, some are closed, you cant find the previous answers etc This is so far the only downside imo and its a shame because the previous games forum was so much fun and they keep me busy during quarantine.


@bellerose (and @charlottenina this applies to your latest post too)

It turns out there’s an automatic limit on topics with more than 10k replies that has been triggered on some of the Name Games. The tech folks are looking at it now.

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If you’re experiencing a problem or have any questions, please create a new topic in the All About Nameberry category.

This thread is now closed, as it will be much easier for the mod team to monitor all of the feedback if it’s all in one place.

Thank you so much for your patience and for flagging issues to us, it really helps us get things sorted as quickly as possible!

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