The funks Girl name reveal

They have named her [name_f]Sweetie[/name_f] [name_u]Marie[/name_u] Funk.
She is [name_f]Sister[/name_f] to Super Capron Funk.



At least she has Marie to fall back on, unlike her sister. ETA: Oops I assumed her brother was female


Aww! I was hoping for [name_f]Strawberry[/name_f].


It’s way way too cutesy for me, which I’m sure they are fully aware of and don’t mind!

I also can’t help but notice the difference in message between the offbeat virtue name they chose for their son and for their daughter. I’d have loved to have seen Super’s sister have an equally powerful name, like [name_f]Moxie[/name_f], [name_u]Valor[/name_u], [name_m]Prosper[/name_m], Marvel…


:grimacing: I have to agree that the difference between naming a son Super and a daughter [name_f]Sweetie[/name_f] is striking. I never thought that I would prefer [name_u]Powerful[/name_u] [name_f]Queen[/name_f] but here we are.


It’s a bit… awkward? You know how we always go back and forth on whether or not Honey is usable? This is a similar situation. I am not sure how it will work in professional settings, or with strange men calling her “Sweetie.”


Honestly? They’re awful. At least she has her middle name to go by instead.


While I am a fan of Rydel, I don’t fully agree with a lot of the things she has said/done regarding gender, but this is… A lot. It’s really sad that her son is Super but her daughter is just expected to be sweet. Especially considering how loud and outgoing Rydel is, you would think she’d appreciate more powerful virtues for her daughter, but I guess she’s loud because it’s quirky and not necessarily to have her voice heard in any meaningful way.

Side note: how did you find out the name? I have looked everywhere and they haven’t announced it publicly yet.


On their YouTube channel, they announced the name on there x

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Oh thank you! Of course that’s the one place I forgot to check

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I also thought it was [name_f]Strawberry[/name_f]!

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Most celebrities nowadays: Let’s give them an EXTRAORDINARY name that EVERYONE will TALK ABOUT and will get featured on MAGAZINES!

That’s at least my theory.


Very misogynistic imho

While I’m not a fan of Super, I do find it empowering. Unfortunately, there’s nothing empowering about [name_f]Sweetie[/name_f].


I can’t imagine been called [name_f]Sweetie[/name_f] all the time….


damn i really thought it would’ve been [name_f]Strawberry[/name_f]!

i don’t really mind [name_f]Sweetie[/name_f] (although it reminds me of the rapper saweetie), especially because it’s got some significance to Rydel but like @may.rose said, it’d be a little weird to have randos calling you [name_f]Sweetie[/name_f] even if it is your name

atleast we know that they’re having a lot of kids so hopefully it’ll get better from here haha

also when she wrote the ‘sw’ i was thought maybe Swade?


I dont personally agree with Elle1 thats its misogynistic. Sure, it would be better if it was more impowering, but I thought Elle1 was going overboard by saying it was “misogynist”.

However I have to say while Im not especially fond of the name (except the middle name, Marie), I loved the special meaning behind it.

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Not a fan of the name, but to each their own. I do agree that a more powerful name would’ve been better. Maybe a more unique middle name too.

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I don’t think @Elle1 was going overboard at all.
Using terms like ‘honey’ and ‘sweetie,’ especially in the workplace, undermines women and is patronising.

These terms are essentially a socially acceptable way of saying ‘you cute female’ whilst subtly shifting the power dynamic, and although not necessarily sexualizing, calling someone ‘sweetie’ still objectifies them in the sense that it asserts that women are there to be projected on.


I don’t love it, it’s not the worst celebrity name I’ve ever heard, and I prefer it to Super. But it’s too much for a first name.

I understand that it has meaning to Rydel but it’s just a common nickname, like everyone calls their kid sweetie, I just feel like it’ll be too confusing.

If she wanted to go with a sweet name she could have gone with Swetalina,Sweetlin,Swetlana or Sweetheart, which isn’t much better but atleast she could go my Heart when she’s older.


I get what youre saying but i dont think it was the funk’s intention at all. Dont assume before you dont know.

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