The Houses of the Zodiac

I’m not going into two much detail, but one aspect of a story I’m working on is the different Zodiac signs and their members being split up into different groups or “Houses,” the possible options and their inspirations being:

  • Elements (4) - House of Wind, Tides, Stones, Flames
  • Attributes (3) - House of the Dwellers, Higher, Wilds/Beasts
  • Seelie & Unseelie (2) - House of the Higher, Beasts
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Elements is what you usually see in most zodiac fiction, so maybe modalities would be an interesting change? Cardinal, mutable and fixed? I’m assuming that’s what you have in mind with Attributes so that’s the one I picked.
Good luck with your story :blush:

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I actually did the attributes one based around like which were humans, sea dwellers, or creatures, but that’s actually a really cool idea, I’ll keep it in mind.

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