The name Parish?

What do you think of the gender ambiguous [name]Parish[/name] for a girl?

It sounds exactly like “perish.” Not a great association.

I agree with holey, and would also like to say that I’ve only met people with the last name [name]Parish[/name] so it seems super surnamey to me.

No. [name]Just[/name], no. To some people it would be like naming the child Church or Synagogue.

Not a fan. [name]Parish[/name] is what you call a county in [name]Louisiana[/name].

I want to like it, it has a nice sound but

  1. sounds like you’re saying [name]Paris[/name] with a speech impediment
  2. sounds masculine

[name]Parish[/name] seems like a name that, rather than sounding like a name, brings to mind mere associations. (pp mentioned “perish”, [name]Louisiana[/name] counties, [name]Paris[/name], churches, surnames). I think every name will have an association attached, but this one seems to have more associations than name-ness to it. I agree with @nat108 that it does have a pretty sound, but has too much attached I think.

I think someone died. Sorry/ :(.

The “perish” sound does it for me too. :frowning:

If it was a family surname or had some special significance, I’d be fine with it in the middle spot.

it sounds like a sad name :frowning:

I associate it with either death, or church. Either way, it’s a little weird, sorry!

Maybe you’d like [name]Paris[/name], [name]Carys[/name], [name]Maris[/name]?

I like the sound of the name but it immediately makes me think “perish” which is a really sad thing to name a child. I think gender-wise it’d be perfectly fine on a girl though. What about [name]Paris[/name]?

I’m sorry, but the first thing that comes to mind is ‘perish’. :frowning:

I knew a boy with this name & he wore it really well. He was kinda grungey/indie & southern so it just worked.

I think the sound could skew masculine or feminine…much like [name]Paris[/name]. I also think the name is pretty polarizing…much like [name]Paris[/name] as well!

To me the sound is soft, the image it conjures is backwoods [name]Louisiana[/name] which I think is positive & kind of a bit of abandoned church spookiness…

On a girl I picture the girl version of the guy I knew. Artistic person.

[name]Love[/name] it in the middle btw.

While it looks very pretty written down, and I really wish I liked it, the “perish” sound and “[name]Paris[/name] with a speech impediment” really kills it for me. :frowning: Sorry!

I also thought of the word “perish.” Unless it’s a family name, I have to say no.

It sounds just like perish and is way too obviously religious for me.