The one name i love is the one everyone dislikes.

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  • Love it!: 7 (11%)
  • It’s Okay: 15 (23%)
  • Indifferent: 3 (5%)
  • Well…: 14 (22%)
  • Bleah!: 26 (40%)

I like it…kind of. Instantly think [name]Freddie[/name] [name]Mercury[/name] so it would only work as a boys name for me and then I think of the poisonous substance and the planet so maybe… But only as a middle name. It’s a bit too ‘out-there’ to be a first in my opinion. [name]How[/name] were you thinking of using it?

I like it well enough; makes me think of quicksilver and the fleet-footed god…unfortunately, I also think of the car, which kind of spoils it for me. I love Mercurio, though. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

the name mercury is a tribute to freddy mercury, actually!! i was thinking about using it as a first name. i love and adore unusual names, and i would give her a traditional middle name to go by, so i thin it would be fine.

I think it would be better off as a middle name, although the connection to the messenger god is super cool!! It does have a nice sound, as a middle for a boy or a girl.

I think the only opinion that is really important is yours, and you love it. I, however, think of the god and mercurial temperaments.

Still, if you love it, you should use it! I think the idea of pairing it with a more common middle name would work, unless the style difference is too glaring. That way, the child might have something to fall back on.

Would you be using it for a boy or a girl?

i love it. It’s not too popular and it has that offbeat cool feel to it.

i love freddie mercury =]

I voted OK. I do think of mercury poisoning, the planet and the god but I like the sound of the name. I think it’s best for a girl, especially with nn Cury (I think you mentioned that in a previous post). I wouldn’t use it and I can see how you might get funny looks–what about putting [name]Mercury[/name] in the middle? The middle is a common spot for honoring someone, even [name]Freddie[/name] [name]Mercury[/name]! :slight_smile:

It has a quirky sound at first, but once I think about it for a moment, I am afraid I do think of mercury poisoning, Mad Hatters, thermometers, and various other slightly unsavoury things … before I even remembered [name]Freddie[/name] [name]Mercury[/name].

ok so heres my opinion on the matter my daughter was born on Sept 29th, 2009 and i named her [name]Mercury[/name] it has been a name ive had picked out since i was a little girl and yes most people say it is a very odd name but thats what will make my daughter different in this world shell always be unique honestly name your children whatever youd like dont worry about what others have to say about it its not their child yes people are gonna have their opinions and thats fine but in the end its up to you and your partner and my husband loves and has always been very accepting of the name [name]Mercury[/name] for our little girl.

i think that i am going to name my daughter [name]Mercury[/name]. would you mind if there is anpother [name]Mercury[/name] in the worl\d?

no i wouldnt mind if there was another [name]Mercury[/name] in the world just remember forget what everyone else has to say its your baby name them what you want and good luck when the time comes : )

I think [name]Mercury[/name] is a brilliant name!
People will grow to like it, they are just not used to it.
It sounds better than [name]Breccan[/name] and its more unique than [name]Jennifer[/name] or [name]Michael[/name]!
I wish more ancient non-biblical names would come back into style.
They may be starting to now with names like [name]Atlas[/name], [name]Atticus[/name] and [name]Cassius[/name] coming back.

A member on another site named her child [name]Mercury[/name]. I actually thought it was kind of cool. I think it was a bit weird for a second, and then I started to love it. The name is awesome, so go for it. It is different, but in a good way…