The Perfect Sibset

Which of these names would you put together to make the perfect sibset? My boyfriend and I was 3-4 kids. You don’t have to pick 2 girls and 2 boys or any of that, just base it on which names you like the most. If you only like 1 girl, then only tell me that name, you know? Our names are:

[name]Maeve[/name] ([name]Evie[/name])

[name]Theodore[/name] ([name]Theo[/name])


  • [name]Kylee[/name]

Can you have all boys? LOL, we have almost the exact same boys list.

I don’t love any of your girls names, honestly. They are good names, sophisticated, classy, nice names, but not personal favorites.

For boys, [name]Felix[/name], [name]Hugo[/name] and [name]Theodore[/name] for brothers.

Thanks so much! Anyone else want to give their opinion?

I like [name]Amelia[/name], [name]Maeve[/name] ([name]Evie[/name]), [name]Theodore[/name] and [name]Felix[/name]. Sounds like siblings to me!

I love all your boys names. And the only girls name I really like is [name]Romilly[/name]. [name]Milly[/name] and [name]Romy[/name] are really cute nicknames! :smiley:


I adore the names on your list!

All of the girl’s names are gorgeous but [name]Amelia[/name] is that little bit too popular here in the UK, it’s now the top girl’s name.

[name]Romilly[/name], [name]Imogen[/name], [name]Maeve[/name] and [name]Scarlett[/name] have all been on my list at some point, and I still have [name]Maeve[/name], [name]Scarlett[/name] and [name]Imogen[/name] there too. [name]Romilly[/name] is beautiful and so underused, love the nicknames [name]Milly[/name] and [name]Romy[/name].

[name]Theodore[/name] and [name]Ezra[/name] are my favourite on the boy’s list but [name]Hugo[/name], [name]Felix[/name] and [name]Jasper[/name] fit nicely with all the names too.

Favourite potential sibset for you…
[name]Ezra[/name], [name]Amelia[/name], [name]Imogen[/name] & [name]Theodore[/name]

Other ideas I like…
[name]Imogen[/name], [name]Maeve[/name], [name]Theodore[/name] & [name]Jasper[/name]
[name]Theodore[/name], [name]Ezra[/name], [name]Jasper[/name] & [name]Amelia[/name]/[name]Imogen[/name]
[name]Amelia[/name], [name]Maeve[/name], [name]Imogen[/name] & [name]Ezra[/name]

[name]Romilly[/name], [name]Scarlett[/name], [name]Ezra[/name] and [name]Hugo[/name]. I’d like to have four babies with those names…

Thanks, all! I’m glad to see that my names are getting good reviews. I’m working on combos, so those will be next! Look for them when I post.

I’d probably go with [name]Scarlett[/name], [name]Amelia[/name], [name]Felix[/name] and [name]Jasper[/name]. However, the only one I’d ever actually consider is [name]Amelia[/name].

For the sibset, [name]Theo[/name], [name]Hugo[/name], [name]Felix[/name] and [name]Evie[/name].
I also love [name]Amelia[/name] and [name]Imogen[/name], and [name]Romilly[/name] is very pretty. [name]Ezra[/name] I also like but I’m not too keen on either [name]Scarlet[/name] (it’s actually quite common where I live) and [name]Jasper[/name] (always makes me think of [name]Justin[/name] Timberlake for some reason), but all the names go really well together.

My favourite sibset made up of these names would be [name]Scarlett[/name], [name]Theodore[/name] ([name]Theo[/name] is okay but I like the full name much better!), [name]Imogen[/name] and [name]Maeve[/name] (but without nn [name]Evie[/name]. It’s a one-syllable name anyway; doesn’t need one).

[name]Romilly[/name], [name]Imogen[/name], [name]Maeve[/name], and [name]Theodore[/name] sound perfect together <3 <3

Wonderful selections! All are great names. I don’t dislike any of them, but I like some more than others. [name]LOVE[/name] [name]LOVE[/name] [name]LOVE[/name] your boys’ list (though I’m not as keen on [name]Felix[/name] as I am on the others). As for your girls’ list, I love [name]Amelia[/name], [name]Imogen[/name] and [name]Scarlett[/name].

Possible sibset of six, BGBGBG:
[name]Theodore[/name] ([name]Theo[/name]), [name]Amelia[/name], [name]Jasper[/name], [name]Imogen[/name], [name]Hugo[/name], [name]Scarlett[/name].

Yep, those names go very nicely together!

jroflo - thank you so much :slight_smile: to tell you the truth, I don’t like [name]Felix[/name] very much in the first name spot at all… It’s my boyfriend’s choice and I keep it for him. It probably won’t be used.

This is difficult for me, because I love so many of them!
I choose:

I also like: [name]Maeve[/name] and [name]Jasper[/name]!