The perfect solution!

I think I’ve found it! I’ve been looking for a top contender for a while for a bbg and just haven’t found something that ticks every box. I had a long list of criteria I tell you…

  • Must have family meaning (Preferably gives homage to my [name]Nana[/name], [name]Elizabeth[/name])
  • Good meaning of name
  • Nothing biblical (Not to offend you but I don’t come from a religious upbringing really and think it would be wrong to include God in my baby’s name)
  • Preferred ending of A or start of A
  • Consists an E preferably
  • Quirky
  • Not top 100
  • Nickname
  • Nods to my Scottish/English/Irish roots
  • Nothing Unisex

If a name ticked all of these boxes I vowed it would be the one but I want to know what you think. The name is not on name berry but is on a few other sites and even if I did make it up I don’t think it sounds like a “kreative” name. So here it is…


It hits a favourite of mine that has started to climb the charts unfortunately but has [name]Beth[/name] in it for my nana. No meaning really but it you piece in together it means “Island pledged to God”. Now I know what your thinking. That’s a biblical name. However, I think the fact [name]Elizabeth[/name] is my nana’s name overrides the biblical undertones anyway! Consists both A and E. Quirky - no one else will have it, likely. Not top 100. Many nicknames ranging from popular-ish [name]Isla[/name], classic and down to earth [name]Beth[/name], grannyish [name]Betty[/name] and cutesy [name]Lala[/name]. It combines my Scottish roots on my dad’s side with [name]Isla[/name] and my mom’s english heritage of [name]Beth[/name]. And it sounds clearly feminine!

WDYT berries? Desperately want to hear what you think!! Is it “kreative”? Is it trying to hard? Does it even sound pretty? Am I too blissfully caught up in the fact it ticks all boxes to realize it’s butt ugly? :stuck_out_tongue: HELP!! WDYT!

At first, I thought it was a typo for [name]Isabella[/name], second glance, I realize it is a smush of [name]Isla[/name] and [name]Beth[/name]. (EYE-lah-[name]BETH[/name]) does have a pleasant sound. I kind of like it.

Islabeth is interesting - actually it is a very pretty name! Unfortunately, you may encounter a lot of pronunciation issues.
Have you thought of Annabeth, also?

I NEVER like mash up names, but I gotta admit that this one has won me over. I think it has a really nice ring to it and both names are familiar enough to make it sound like a vintage name that is just coming back. Well done!

I really like it! I have been kind of bored of the name [name]Isla[/name] and I think you just revived it!

Thanks guys!!! :slight_smile: I really appreciate it! Good to know I’m not the only one. I have looked at Annabeth and [name]Annabel[/name] but the don’t seem fresh and unique enough! I like my Islabeth!

Islabeth is very pretty. I would prefer [name]Isla[/name]-[name]Beth[/name] but it’s up to you. Have you considered [name]Elisabetta[/name]?

That’s actually pretty. I normally never like smushed names either, but this one is really nice. And it’s cool that you managed to make the perfect name nodding to your heritage and family, plus make it an attractive name. Nice job :slight_smile:

I don’t really like it, it sounds like [name]Elizabeth[/name] being mispronounced…

It doesn’t look right. It sounds great, but I think maybe just naming her [name]Isla[/name] [name]Beth[/name] as either a first and middle or double barrel first would be better. At first glance it’s really hard to tell what it is and you really have to think about it to get the pronunciation.

I’m not a fan of mashup name but Islabeth sounds pretty. ^^

Oh! I love it! Not to discourage you, but it doesn’t check the box about the A’s, right? I still think you should use it!

Sorry, really don’t like it. Seems really made up and trying to be trendy.