The Seer's Eyes

One of the characters in my story, Jasanda Torphion, was cursed with both blindness and prophecy by a petty goddess. She joins up with a crew of not quite pirates and helps out on their adventures. Originally, I imagined her being given new magical mechanical eyes that restore her physical sight, which would then be removed again in about a decade after she was captured by a new enemy.

She is inspired by a couple of Greek mythology characters, namely Cassandra, but I honestly don’t know where her mechanical eyes came from, and I also don’t know if they’re really worth it since there’s kind of a time gap between when she’s with the crew and when she’s captured.

Sorry for the overdrawn explanation, please make your selection below:

  • No new eyes, she navigates with her mystical Sight and other senses.
  • New magical mechanical eyes that are seen for a book, maybe two, before being removed off-page the next time she’s seen.
  • A potion or spell is used to restore her physical sight, and then her eyes are just removed later on.
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The sight coming and going reminds me of the show the OA. I liked it there, but maybe already done?