The Southern S

Here in the south there are a lot of plural sounding boys names like

I was wondering what you all thought about them and if you know of any more

I know a man named [name]Brooks[/name] so I have a fondness for the name but aside from that Im not a huge fan of it, with the right last name though it can sound really really good.

I grew up with [name]Brooks[/name] and [name]Miles[/name] (in the South) and think they are great names. [name]James[/name] also has that sound.

[name]Brooks[/name] I like, but as a nickname, I wouldn’t use it as a first name. But I really like it eitherway.
[name]Collins[/name] I like as well.
Sykes is bit…harsh and unpleasant sounding.
[name]Miles[/name] I like a lot.

The only one I don’t like is Sykes–sounds so harsh and scary, and was the name of the villain in [name]Oliver[/name] Twist. There are also:


*I know one (I’m from the South, too!)

ellenelle I really like [name]Wills[/name]! I also like [name]Banks[/name], but I am fond of the name [name]River[/name] (for a girl), so [name]River[/name] and [name]Banks[/name] seems too nature match-matchy. I also like [name]Hayes[/name], but [name]Wills[/name] is a winner!

I agree. I like them, and definitely do think they have a southern air about them.

I like [name]Brooks[/name] and [name]Miles[/name].

I love [name]Brooks[/name]! [name]Miles[/name] is growing on me, too. I can’t really think of any others off-hand…

Pretty much any surname that ends in S…

I like [name]Niels[/name]! Sounds known but quirky and a bit exotic. I know a man named Rodgers, which is pretty cool. He’s not southern, though (Or even American for that matter! He’s from Uganda).

Other than that, I’m not a huge fan. To me, if they sound silly without an S, then they’re perfectly acceptable. For instance, Mile or [name]Charle[/name] sound weird, but [name]Miles[/name] and [name]Charles[/name] are great. [name]Colin[/name], however, works. So [name]Collins[/name] just sounds very surname-y to me. As does Skyes.

I’ve only heard [name]Brooks[/name] used on a girl which I think is just plain hideous, so that sort of put me off it even on a boy.

[name]Born[/name] and raised in the South, I’ve always loved our naming habits. Those -s ending names are a direct link to our desire to use family names esp. maiden names in the naming of children. I know girls and boys with the following names:

[name]Banks[/name], [name]Mills[/name], Rawls, Rans, Simms, [name]Anders[/name], Spears, [name]Hays[/name], Mays, Metts, [name]Collins[/name], [name]Bates[/name], Yates, Danvers, [name]Jennings[/name], Hennings, Flanders, [name]Wells[/name], Ames, Childers, [name]Chalmers[/name], Hastings

[name]Wells[/name] or [name]Wills[/name]? They are very similar but would [name]Wells[/name] conjure less questions (spellings, prn) than [name]Wills[/name]?

My dad grew up in Louisville and a lot of his friends used surname names for their kids. For example, I know a family with Hendricks (b), Harcourt(g) and Stites(b). They have a 4rd baby named [name]Elijah[/name] ([name]Eli[/name]) which seemed off. My dad has a cousin [name]Brown[/name], and my top name (had I been a boy) was [name]Hale[/name], my grandma’s maiden name. So it’s a big family thing! Another trend I’ve noticed is double names, such as my aunt [name]Sarah[/name] [name]Brown[/name]

I like it. My maternal grandfather’s last name was [name]Williams[/name]-I would name a son [name]Williams[/name] in a heartbeat.

i [name]LOVE[/name] the name [name]Brooks[/name]!

others… [name]Niles[/name], Shields, [name]Hayes[/name], [name]Wills[/name]