The Teaser Game

I saw this game being played elsewhere and I thought it would be a great motivation boost for us writers!

You post a word, and the next person searches for the first sentence in their current work containing that word (or a form of it). The sentence is, of course, posted here, along with the next word to look for.
I hope it will be fun!

First word: tease

“No harm done - we were just teasing,” [name_m]Marcus[/name_m] insisted.

I’m liking this idea! Next word: waste

She had no time to waste on trying to recall or forget the horrors that came with her being back in the school.

Went through every story I ever started saved on my Google drive and I never used “tease” once! This one was easier to find.

Next word: tight

Then she wouldn’t be in this state; tears running down her face and collecting in a small pool on the floor with her long, black tresses sticking tightly to her blotchy cheeks.

Next Word: Pull

Which probably meant that she would pull most attention to herself, and he could keep doing what he did best: nothing at all.

next: Push

She pushed the plate away, then cringed when it knocked over her glass and water spilled across the table onto the lap of a no-longer-smiling guest.

Next word: wondered

For a second, [name_f]Scarlet[/name_f] just stared at him, wondering if he thought about what he was going to say before it left his mouth.

Next word: rose

(I interpreted this as a verb)
[name_f]Rose[/name_f]: Rising Poverty despite increasing progress.

next: I

The is a great idea I love it.

This is from an old piece I happened to be rereading.

I: I loved your cousin, I’m only alive because of your father, you’re my prince and I worship the ground you walk on?

Next word: soft

A young man emerged from the stables, about sixteen or seventeen, with shaggy brown hair and soft blue eyes.

This is actually the second time I used it, but the first time was just the word, so…
Next: hide

I try to hide them from her.

Next word: lost

I like this game too :slight_smile:

Her reasoning behind that was lost on him, but he decided to go along anyway.

Next word: found

He had found at least one likeminded person.

next: tall

“She read something out of a parchment she had inside her hoodie, and the box with the runes disappeared, living behind a tall, black cabinet with two unmarked doors.”

Next: Mind

“Still, there was something tapping in the back of my mind.”

Next: cry

She refused to cry, so he kept hitting her, and she laughed and laughed.

Next: small

“[name_m]Don[/name_m]’t you dare call me that!” Tears were rolling down her cheeks and forming a small pool on the kitchen floor.

Next: Why

“Why was he doing this?”

next: there

She huffs a laugh. “[name_m]Trust[/name_m] me, I know.”

This time, there is blood crusted in her hair, white-blonde curls stained an awful crimson.

Next word: tried.

[name_f]Caoimhe[/name_f] was nice enough but she tried a little too hard to be liked by [name_u]Toby[/name_u].

Next word: help