The twins are doing OK!

So, scheduled second scan was on [name]Sunday[/name], and at fourteen weeks, this is how the twins weighed in:

Twin A: 62 grams
Twin B: 59 grams

So far, so good! They are of a similar weight and size, and are on track. YAY! [name]Doctor[/name] said this scan was the chorionicity scan, meaning he could tell us if the twins were sharing a placenta, and the zygosity. For the results: He said they shared a placenta, amiotic and chorionic sacs. This didn’t mean much to us at the time, but he summarised that he was 99.9% certain that they were identical (Monochorionic – monoamniotic), and that the zygote must have split some time between 8-12 days after fertilization. That means that there is a chance that they could have TTTS, but let’s hope for the best :slight_smile:

Anyone else have identical twins, who had TTTS?

I’m a no for those things, but congrats on the Identical Twins!!! I hope everything goes fabulous from here on out!!!

Thanks Grecianern! I see you too are expecting twins in [name]January[/name]! Very exciting. [name]Do[/name] you know yet if yours are identical or fraternal? :slight_smile:

Congrats on your good news and update on the twins. [name]Do[/name] read up on TTTS - there is alot of support and information online (at reputable websites though- don’t go crazy with every google link because I know you’ll scare yourself like most other things you google that are medical related- lol). You will probably be watched more closely than other twin pregnancies. Try to take some time to rest each day if you can. That really helped me both pregnancies to just sit down on the couch or put my feet up for a few hours each day.

Our first set of twins are fraternal for sure- they had their own sacs, placentas (which fused together in the womb, but we saw them as separate entities early on), and cords obviously. When we found out they were the same gender, we realized we had to wait until birth to find out if they were ID or fraternal. During their first month, we found out they were fraternal because they have different blood types.
Our second set of twins is probably fraternal also just by probability, but we are not 100% sure. They had their own sacs and placentas (which did not fuse together) and having one set of fraternals does increase the chance of more fraternals. They look more like than our first set ever did.


we don’t know yet. There is a 15-20% chance of them being identical. We have 2 separate sacs, placentas, everything. [name]One[/name] is facing left, the other right. But if they are identical, it means that they split before implantation. We won’t know unless they are different genders. And at our last ultrasound at 10.5 weeks, they were both measuring the same size and had heart beats of 178(A) and 176 (B).

I have another ultrasound tomorrow (13 weeks), 30 minutes per baby to check for birth defects, etc. And an OB appt with blood work. I’m just happy to see them again. [name]Every[/name] time helps me fear losing them a little less.