Theresa Laura

I really love the name Theresa (I know not everyone does which is fine). Originally I wanted a stylish 1-syllable middle name, but I still haven’t found a combo I love. With our last pregnancy we were going to use Theresa May for a girl but I’m a little hesitent because Mary nn May is a strong contender as a first name also the repeating "a"s seem worse in that situation. Hubby likes Theresa June and I do like Theresa Ruth but think it’s a little dated.

Laura/Lawrence is a family name on both my side and my husband side so I wanted to know if Theresa Laura was workable? Is the repeating “a” endings a problem? I always have a hard time judging the flow of names with Laura as a middle name b/c it’s my first name so it always sounds a little “backwards.” Our last name is Tys0n so adding a middle name with more "t"s and “s” is not a good idea.

Oh, were not expecting yet, I’m just trying to nail down my list =)

I think it’s ok…would you consider [name]Theresa[/name] [name]Laurel[/name] or [name]Theresa[/name] [name]Lauren[/name] in order to avoid the double A ending? Also [name]Theresa[/name] [name]Lou[/name] ot [name]Theresa[/name] [name]Lee[/name] might be a way to get the 1 syllable mn and at least keep the L middle initial to honor the Lawrences & Lauras?

the double a ending is tripping me up a little… its not that bad though. I was going to suggest [name]Theresa[/name] [name]Laurel[/name] as well :slight_smile: