Third Baby Ideas

[name_m]Hi[/name_m]! Needing input for a third baby due in [name_u]August[/name_u] (won’t know gender until the end of the month). Siblings are [name_f]Millie[/name_f] ([name_f]Amelia[/name_f], but always called [name_f]Millie[/name_f]) and [name_m]Walter[/name_m]. We like older, classic names. The only thing I don’t love about the names we picked is how popular [name_f]Amelia[/name_f] is, but I would consider a more popular name if I really love it- especially for a boy, as I don’t seem to love most boy names. Our last name is popular Hispanic surname beginning with P and ending with Z.

Would love feedback on our lists so far!


  • [name_m]Henry[/name_m] “[name_m]Hank[/name_m]” & “[name_m]Harry[/name_m]” (This is probably our top boy name- husband and I both [name_u]LOVE[/name_u] the nicknames. Only worried about [name_m]Henry[/name_m]'s popularity, but I like the name itself.)
  • [name_u]August[/name_u]
  • [name_m]Graham[/name_m] (I adore this, but husband does not.)
  • [name_m]George[/name_m]
  • [name_m]Frank[/name_m]
  • [name_m]Edward[/name_m]
  • [name_m]Edmond[/name_m]


  • [name_f]Alice[/name_f]
  • [name_f]Elinor[/name_f]
  • [name_f]Rosalie[/name_f] (nn “[name_f]Rosie[/name_f]”)
  • [name_f]Olive[/name_f]
  • [name_f]Rosemary[/name_f] (nn “[name_f]Rosie[/name_f]”)
  • [name_f]Katherine[/name_f] ((nn [name_f]Kate[/name_f])
  • [name_f]Emmeline[/name_f]
  • [name_f]Marianne[/name_f]
  • [name_f]Louisa[/name_f]
  • [name_f]Juliet[/name_f]
  • [name_f]Margaret[/name_f] (nn “[name_f]Maggie[/name_f]” & “[name_f]Meg[/name_f]”)
  • [name_f]Violet[/name_f]
  • [name_f]Beatrice[/name_f] (nn “[name_f]Bea[/name_f]”)

([name_u]Love[/name_u] [name_f]Mae[/name_f] or [name_f]Alice[/name_f] for a girl middle name. No idea for boy.)

With [name_f]Amelia[/name_f] ([name_f]Millie[/name_f]) and [name_m]Walter[/name_m], I like…

[name_m]Edmond[/name_m] (my favorite)

[name_f]Emmeline[/name_f] (but maybe too close in sound to [name_f]Millie[/name_f]/[name_f]Amelia[/name_f]?)



[name_u]Love[/name_u] [name_m]Henry[/name_m]*[name_m]Graham[/name_m] “[name_m]Hank[/name_m]” !

[name_m]Graham[/name_m]- its a shame he doesnt care for it because it would be great with your sibset. Would he consider [name_m]Grant[/name_m]?

[name_m]Frank[/name_m]- I prefer [name_m]Franklin[/name_m].
[name_m]Franklin[/name_m] [name_u]August[/name_u] “[name_m]Frank[/name_m]”

[name_m]Edmond[/name_m]- i prefer [name_m]Edwin[/name_m] or [name_m]Edgar[/name_m].
[name_m]Edwin[/name_m] [name_m]George[/name_m] or [name_m]Edgar[/name_m] [name_u]Tate[/name_u]

[name_f]Elinor[/name_f] [name_f]Mae[/name_f]
[name_f]Katherine[/name_f] [name_f]Alice[/name_f] (i prefer nickname [name_u]Kit[/name_u])
[name_f]Juliet[/name_f] [name_f]Alice[/name_f] “[name_f]Etta[/name_f]”
[name_f]Mae[/name_f] “[name_f]Meg[/name_f]”
[name_f]Beatrice[/name_f]*[name_f]Mae[/name_f](nn “[name_f]Bea[/name_f]”)

Millie, Walter, & ________:

Howard “Howie”
Jethro “Jett”
Leonard/Leon/Lionel “Leo”

Maxine Alice
Priscilla Mae “Poppy”
Tabitha Alice
Ramona “Romy”
Bernadette/Colette/Odette/Bridget “Etta”
Estelle Alice “Stella”
Eloise Mae
Luella Alice “Lulu”
Evelyn Alice “Eva”
Slyvie Mae
Loralei Alice
Georgia Mae/Georgette Alice
Hazel Mae
Lydia Mae
Nadine Alice
Myrna Mae
Lorna Alice

Hello! your children have lovely names! Since I think you’re looking mostly for insights, not additional suggestions, I’ll reserve comment to only girl names.

[name_f]Alice[/name_f]: I would definitely encourage you to use this name in some form. It has the “l” sound you tend to favor, and overall is just beautiful. Short, popular but not top 10, and a striking classic.

  • [name_f]Elinor[/name_f]: I just can’t quite get into this one. Maybe it’s the (perfectly fine, just nms) spelling variant that just gets me. I also think it lacks some of the sparkle of [name_f]Millie[/name_f], and it might be just a bit too rare.
    - [name_f]Rosalie[/name_f] (nn “[name_f]Rosie[/name_f]”): Yes! I really love this! It’s very lively, classic, and has the “l” sound. I think the nickname is fantastic, as well. Definitely balances serious and upbeat. While I love both stylistically, I prefer [name_f]Rosalie[/name_f] to [name_f]Rosemary[/name_f] for you. It’s more classic, and popular without being overused.
  • [name_f]Olive[/name_f]: This is super sleek and sweet, but I don’t think it’s a classic.
  • [name_f]Rosemary[/name_f] (nn “[name_f]Rosie[/name_f]”): This is a beautiful name, and while it’s very vintage and with lots of gravity, I think it’s a little too rare at the moment.
  • [name_f]Katherine[/name_f] ((nn [name_f]Kate[/name_f]): Yes! I absolutely adore this. It’s classic, but far less used than several other alternatives, and I like this spelling. Very elegant, but [name_f]Kate[/name_f] has a lot of spunk.
    -[name_f]Emmeline[/name_f]: Once again, I really like this for you. Classic and very, very underused. I think it has a certain sunniness to it, like [name_f]Amelia[/name_f], but also the structure of [name_m]Walter[/name_m] and, of course, the shared “l.”
    - [name_f]Marianne[/name_f] Not a huge fan. To me, this is very dated and not exactly classic. It’s associated with one era, and I can’t see it on a little girl.
  • [name_f]Louisa[/name_f]: Oh yes! [name_f]Louisa[/name_f] has wonderful literary connections and is feminine but not frilly. This is wonderful.
    - [name_f]Juliet[/name_f] : Once again, I love it because of the vividness and the “l” sound.
  • [name_f]Margaret[/name_f] (nn “[name_f]Maggie[/name_f]” & “[name_f]Meg[/name_f]”): [name_m]Even[/name_m] without the “l,” this remains perfect and might be my favorite for you. [name_f]Margaret[/name_f] is one of the ultimate vintage classic names, and right in the area of popularity I like best for you. It’s just as substantial as [name_m]Walter[/name_m], and has lovely nickname options.
    - [name_f]Violet[/name_f]: Probably my second-favorite. Can’t go wrong with this strong, vivd one.
  • [name_f]Beatrice[/name_f] (nn “[name_f]Bea[/name_f]”): This one is nms, but I really think it works for you.

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] there.

[name_f]Millie[/name_f] and [name_m]Walter[/name_m] are darling. Here are my thoughts on your lists:

  • [name_m]Henry[/name_m] “[name_m]Hank[/name_m]” & “[name_m]Harry[/name_m]"-I love [name_m]Hank[/name_m]! [name_f]Millie[/name_f], [name_m]Walter[/name_m] & [name_m]Hank[/name_m] are completely perfect. [name_m]Henry[/name_m] is super popular, but if you call him [name_m]Hank[/name_m] all the time it shouldn’t matter. [name_m]Harry[/name_m] is kind of cute too. I guess it depends where you are? In the U.S., I could see this being unfamiliar to kids with possible teasing.

  • [name_u]August[/name_u]-I love it! Especially the nn [name_u]Gus[/name_u] with your crew. Maybe to knit-pick, it wouldn’t flow as well w/a ‘z’ ending last name.

  • [name_m]Graham[/name_m] (I adore this, but husband does not.)-It’s okay, but I don’t love it. Sounds a little bland.

  • [name_m]George[/name_m]-This is great with your crew. A charming, friendly classic.

  • [name_m]Frank[/name_m]-I don’t mind it. [name_m]Hank[/name_m] seems fresher, but [name_m]Frank[/name_m] is okay. I like it better as a nn for [name_u]Francis[/name_u].

  • [name_m]Edward[/name_m]-Not bad. I do love the nn [name_u]Teddy[/name_u], but [name_m]Eddie[/name_m] seems a bit more dated.

  • [name_m]Edmond[/name_m]-This always sounded clunky to me. I like [name_m]Edgar[/name_m] & [name_m]Edwin[/name_m] best.


  • [name_f]Alice[/name_f]-This is lovely. Smart & feminine. Simple, but not terribly over done. I don’t like ‘[name_u]Allie[/name_u]’ though, & it may be hard to avoid that occasionally if you don’t like it.

  • [name_f]Elinor[/name_f]-I love it. I prefer [name_f]Eleanor[/name_f], but this is another lovely classic. Great nn options too. [name_f]Nellie[/name_f] is my favorite.

  • [name_f]Rosalie[/name_f] (nn “[name_f]Rosie[/name_f]”) -Very sweet.

  • [name_f]Olive[/name_f]-I love this too, and especially the nn [name_f]Livy[/name_f].

  • [name_f]Rosemary[/name_f] (nn “[name_f]Rosie[/name_f]”)-I can’t get into this one. Mainly because it reminds me of the movie '[name_f]Rosemary[/name_f]‘s [name_u]Baby[/name_u]’.

  • [name_f]Katherine[/name_f] ((nn [name_f]Kate[/name_f])-Nice, but I really like the ‘C’ better. Not sure why. Looks more classic. I prefer the nn [name_u]Kit[/name_u] or [name_f]Kitty[/name_f], as you may end up getting ‘[name_f]Katie[/name_f]’ a lot. And that just seems dated.

  • [name_f]Emmeline[/name_f] -Oh, pretty. I like this spelling too. I don’t personally care for [name_f]Emmy[/name_f].

  • [name_f]Marianne[/name_f]-I like it, but this spelling makes the pronunciation more complicated. If you’re looking for ‘[name_f]Mary[/name_f]-in’ I’d do [name_u]Marian[/name_u].

  • [name_f]Louisa[/name_f]-I like this. It’s certainly more unique than some of the others, but still very recognizable. Cute on a little girl, but grows up well.

  • [name_f]Juliet[/name_f]-This is pretty. A little fancier than [name_f]Millie[/name_f] & [name_m]Walter[/name_m], but nice. I don’t care for [name_u]Julie[/name_u].

  • [name_f]Margaret[/name_f] (nn “[name_f]Maggie[/name_f]” & “[name_f]Meg[/name_f]”)-I don’t love [name_f]Margaret[/name_f], but I like some of the nns. [name_f]Maggie[/name_f] & [name_f]Millie[/name_f] are too cutesy for siblings in my opinion. I like [name_f]Peggy[/name_f], and it’s more unique too. And [name_f]Gerty[/name_f]! I also love [name_f]Maisy[/name_f], but that’s another ‘M’.

  • [name_f]Violet[/name_f]-This is nice. I feel like it’s getting popular.

  • [name_f]Beatrice[/name_f] (nn “[name_f]Bea[/name_f]”)-That’s adorable. The nn [name_f]Bess[/name_f] is also cute.

I’m really no help, since I mostly love them all. Maybe ditch the ones that end in ‘s’, since it might not be as good with your ln?

[name_f]Hope[/name_f] this helps. :slight_smile:

I like [name_f]Amelia[/name_f], [name_m]Walter[/name_m], and…

[name_u]August[/name_u] “[name_u]Gus[/name_u]”
[name_m]Frank[/name_m] - I also like [name_m]Franklin[/name_m], with the nickname [name_m]Frank[/name_m]
[name_m]Edmond[/name_m] - I prefer the ‘[name_m]Edmund[/name_m]’ spelling

[name_f]Rosemary[/name_f] “[name_f]Rosie[/name_f]”
[name_f]Katherine[/name_f] “[name_f]Kate[/name_f]” - I prefer the ‘[name_f]Kathryn[/name_f]’ spelling
[name_f]Emmeline[/name_f] - I love ‘[name_f]Emmy[/name_f]’ as a nickname
[name_f]Juliet[/name_f] - I prefer the ‘[name_f]Juliette[/name_f]’ spelling, and love [name_f]Ettie[/name_f] or [name_f]Etta[/name_f] as nickname ideas
[name_f]Beatrice[/name_f] “[name_f]Bea[/name_f]” - I prefer ‘[name_f]Beatrix[/name_f]’

Also, if you’re worried about popularity, I definitely wouldn’t go with [name_m]George[/name_m] as it is extremely popular at the moment due to little [name_m]Prince[/name_m] [name_m]George[/name_m].

I like [name_m]Edward[/name_m] and [name_f]Juliet[/name_f] with [name_f]Amelia[/name_f]/[name_f]Millie[/name_f] and [name_m]Walter[/name_m]

[name_f]Juliet[/name_f] [name_f]Mae[/name_f]?
[name_m]Edward[/name_m] [name_u]James[/name_u]?

I am loving all the thorough, thoughtful replies! You are giving me a lot to think about. Thank you for all of the help so far, and keep it coming! I will definitely update when the baby is born.