Third girl name.....we need your help!

Two older sisters named [name]Addison[/name] and [name]Sarah[/name] [name]Campbell[/name]. We call her both names after her grandmother. Family names include [name]Sutton[/name], [name]Alice[/name], [name]Gwendolyn[/name], [name]Katherine[/name], [name]Ella[/name], [name]Paige[/name] but don’t have to be used. [name]Sutton[/name] could only be used as a middle name. What do you think works best with her older two sisters? Here are some we are talking about but open to new ideas.

So far we like but still cannot agree:

I like a lot of your names. We are also considering [name]Ella[/name], [name]Annabel[/name], and [name]Sadie[/name] for our LO. Out of your list I think [name]Lane[/name] and [name]Annabel[/name] sound the best with your other girls’ names. I like [name]Annabel[/name] [name]Paige[/name] or from your family list of names I think [name]Katherine[/name] [name]Paige[/name] sounds nice.

Out of your family names I think [name]Ella[/name] and [name]Paige[/name] sound best with sisters’ names. Out of your list I’m liking [name]Annabel[/name], [name]Sadie[/name] and [name]Meredith[/name]. If it were up to me I would either use [name]Meredith[/name] [name]Paige[/name] or [name]Annabel[/name] [name]Paige[/name]. [name]Paige[/name] makes such a good middle name! :slight_smile: You could even do [name]Meredith[/name] [name]Paige[/name] [name]Sutton[/name], but I’m not really liking [name]Sutton[/name] on a girl. GL!