This is probably a silly question

I’m sure I know the answer to this already, I just want someone else to confirm. I’m almost two weeks late for my period and my SO and I are planning on going to a Halloween party this weekend (and probably drinking a bit) so I took a home pregnancy test just to clear my mind. It was negative, so at this far past when my period was supposed to come that’s gotta be pretty much 100% accurate, right? Does it matter that I didn’t do it first thing in the morning? I didn’t think it mattered but I do try to drink a ton of water during the day. We’ve also had family at the house for the last three or four days and I wanted to wait until they were gone to test.

I’m not wanting a different result or anything I just wanted someone else to tell me that it’s as accurate as I think it is. Google isn’t really easing my mind. Thanks in advance for putting up with my dumb questions!

All I know is that you can get false negatives, but not false positives. It’s possible you ovulated later than usual this month, which means your period is going to be late, or that you are pregnant but it’s too early for the test to register. I’d wait a few days, and test first-thing in the morning.

Agreed. Also though, a drink or two won’t hurt, just don’t go overboard.

Test first thing in the morning, tomorrow or the next day. If its negative, go have as much fun as you want.

Our bodies have built in “fail safe” alcohol is much more damaging to an older fetus. A younger one has no developed brain tissue to be affected so even if you have a few drinks you don’t run as high a risk for FAS than if you were further along.

I have no idea about false negatives though. I would retest tomorrow morning if you have another test at home to make sure. As a pp said, maybe you ovulated late.

You can get a false negative. I just wouldn’t go crazy with the drinks.

Drank at a [name_u]Christmas[/name_u] party three days before my BFP. [name_m]Don[/name_m]'t get wasted if you’re really concerned, but it should be ok. Test in the am with FMU.

I know this response is late and you’ve already made the choice to drink or not drink, but just in case you come across another situation like this I wanted to point out that I’m not really sure how accurate the information from this poster is. I’m in my Obstetric/Pediatric rotation in nursing school and was taught that the most dangerous time period to be exposed to any teratogens (alcohol, drugs, cigarette smoke, environmental chemicals, etc) is within the first 8 weeks because everything is developing so quickly. I hope thefuturemrsb doesn’t take offense to what I’m saying, because I don’t mean to call her out, I just wanted to share what I have learned because it does dispute the information she has shared.

Well. A week before my surprise positive, I went on a roller coaster, ate sushi, and had a drink. I have a happy and healthy 8 month old. If I knew I never would have done any of it, but babies (inside and out) are very resilient. Of course I don’t suggest doing anything like that lol

Thanks all, tested again this morning first thing and it was negative too. So those two glasses of wine I had on [name_m]Saturday[/name_m] night won’t hurt anything :slight_smile: I appreciate the help!