Thoughts on Aldo

[name_f]Do[/name_f] you like the name [name_m]Aldo[/name_m]? What do you make of it? Tell me more. Sell it if you like and if you don’t tell me why. I’m interested.

The one thing truly making me consider it is the fact that it’s a combo of my mom and dad’s name and my brother and sister’s name. [name_f]Alma[/name_f] + Rodo = [name_m]Aldo[/name_m]

But I’m not 100% set on it.

My first thought is of the shoes and handbag company, [name_m]Aldo[/name_m]. Second thought is that it sounds like [name_m]Waldo[/name_m] without the W. It’s not my favorite name but I’ve definitely heard far worse!

[name_m]Aldo[/name_m] is cute! I’ve never actually heard it on a person before, but I don’t mind it as a name. My first thought was also [name_m]Waldo[/name_m] without the W. If you like [name_m]Aldo[/name_m], might you consider something like [name_u]Alton[/name_u]?

I immediately thought of Where’s [name_m]Waldo[/name_m] (but minus the “W” like pp).

It’s NMS, but the right person might be able to pull it off.

It seems like an incomplete [name_m]Waldo[/name_m] to me, sorry!