Thoughts on Curry or Currie

What are your thoughts on [name]Curry[/name] or [name]Currie[/name] for a girl? I’m not pregnant or anything…just curious in general. What spelling do you prefer?

Wait is this pronounced like curry the food? Is that even a name?

It is like the food. I was at the hospital yesterday and there was a nurse and her name was [name]Currie[/name].

I actually met a male [name]Curry[/name] (like the food) from [name]America[/name] a couple of years ago who was doing a term of university over here. It did seem very odd and he got a lot of “what like the food?” comments, but I quickly got used to it and I suppose if u took away the association it just sounds like another surname name, but personally I can’t ignore the association and don’t really care for out. It would be even worse on a girl in my opinion.

I have a friend who’s last name is [name]Curry[/name] pronounced like the food, but Curie reminds me of [name]Marie[/name] Curie and would make a cute middle name if pronounced like hers Cure-E, and would be a great homage to a wonder barrier breaker for women!

A little too spicy for my taste!

I agree that Curie would be a nice nod to [name]Marie[/name] Curie, but I’m not crazy about [name]Curry[/name]/[name]Currie[/name]. Too close to the food. Some food names are cool, but I’m not especially crazy about this one, sorry.

I would either assume this was a family name, like [name]Ann[/name] [name]Curry[/name], or that someone had daughters named [name]Sage[/name], [name]Rosemary[/name], and [name]Saffron[/name] and felt like she was running out of options. It’s a little too much. It makes me think of the [name]MIA[/name] song that has the line “I’m gonna dash my curry”.

I don’t find it very attractive.

I used to know a guy named [name]Curry[/name]. I would tend to think of the food if this was not the case. He was a very good looking popular person so was able to carry the name. I would be concerned about it for a girl.