Thoughts on Merritt

I think this name is pretty amazing. It’s a virtue name but it doesn’t sound upright. It sounds old fashioned to me but in more of a dust bowl sort of pioneer way than a corseted Victorian way if that makes sense? Wdyt?

My only reservations are the cigarette brand!

Also it has been used as a boy name but I think of it as unisex.

Also nn [name]Merri[/name] is not for me…any other ideas for nicknames?

Thank you!!

Hmm. If you want it as a virtue name, I’d think the spelling Merit would be truer to that. I do like the sound. It does have a masculine feel to me but not strongly so. What it really feels like is a surname, and if you don’t have it as a family name, be prepared for people to think it is. I wasn’t aware of the cigarette brand so I’m not sure how widespread that reaction would be.

If you don’t like [name]Merri[/name], be prepared for it anyway possibly. I can see M (sounds like [name]Emme[/name]), [name]Mimi[/name], Mitsy and Itsy all being plausible.

Good luck!