Thoughts on Michaiah?

Does it work for a girl? [name_f]Do[/name_f] you find it troublesome to pronounce? Does anyone know where it falls on popularity charts?

I’ve not heard of/seen it before & would be very hesitant about trying to pronounce it. My-[name_u]KAY[/name_u]-ee-ah? My-[name_m]KY[/name_m]-ee-ah?My-[name_m]KY[/name_m]-ah? [name_f]IMO[/name_f] it seems very Old-Testament-male-prophet name-y.

I have no idea how to pronounce that

Same as jasminea12. Plus, I don’t like it.

Mik-eye-ah? I like the sound theortically but it’s too confusing imo.

It’s a difficult one to judge on a girl, this one. It feels very biblical-male to me, and just male in general (Micah, Michael, Isaiah), however, then I think Michaela and Mariah and the general -ah ending in many girl’s names, so then it feels like it could well work for a girl. I just now Googled Michaiah and found that there was a male disciple called Micaiah, so perhaps it depends on just how many people around you are religious (I am not,so didn’t know until I searched it) and would make that connection and think it odd…? I did see elsewhere however, that the name was used on both males and females in the Old Testament, but I don’t know anything more on this. Ultimately, I’d probably keep looking.

Just from previous posts here it seems it wouldn’t be easily pronounced (I’d automatically say mih-KY-uh, myself) and would likely be mispelled quite often too.

I have a co-worker named [name_m]Micaiah[/name_m] and I love her. So it works as a name.

Too many vowels. But I look at it and think it’s pronounced Mah-[name_f]KI[/name_f]-ya. It looks more like a biblical boys name.