Thoughts on middle names

I’m pregnant with my 3rd (and last!) child and we recently discovered it’s a boy after 2 girls. Currently my favourite name is [name]Grayson[/name], my hubby is gunning for [name]Archie[/name]. I also like [name]Finn[/name], [name]Axel[/name], [name]Leo[/name], [name]Harlan[/name], [name]Felix[/name],Maz, [name]Ryder[/name], [name]Xander[/name], [name]Griffen[/name], [name]Gabriel[/name] and [name]Arlo[/name]. My girls are [name]Paige[/name] and [name]Ruby[/name]. [name]Both[/name] girls have family names as middle names. I’m struggling to decide if I want family names for boy or just combine some of the names I like. Through the girls middle names we’ve covered my husbands parents and my mum and dad. I haven’t used anything connected to my stepfather who is very important to me. I considered using our dad’s names as middle names but wonder if there is anyway to combine them or update them. They are [name]Malcolm[/name], [name]David[/name] and [name]Gregory[/name]. Some advice on this would be great! Thanks

If your stepdad is important to you and your husband doesn’t mind using his name, then go ahead and use that for a middle name and pick one from your list for a first name. [name]May[/name] as well keep the trend going among all the kids. All the names you have listed would go really well with any one of your fathers’ names.

[name]Malcolm[/name], [name]David[/name], and [name]Gregory[/name] are all three great names. I wouldn’t try to blend or update them, I’d just use one or more of them as-is in the middle.

Or, [name]Grayson[/name] or [name]Griffen[/name] could be chosen to honor [name]Gregory[/name] in the first-name spot.

I think [name]Grayson[/name] would fit the best with [name]Paige[/name] & [name]Ruby[/name].

Here are some combos of the names I think would go well with [name]Paige[/name] and [name]Ruby[/name]. I like the spunky vibe of the first names below. If your daughters have family names, I would continue this tradition with your son. Some of the names have no real history of usage and are very trendy (eg. [name]Xander[/name] and [name]Ryder[/name]).

1 [name]Leo[/name] [name]Gregory[/name]
2 [name]Griffin[/name] [name]David[/name] (or [name]Davis[/name])
3 [name]Felix[/name] [name]Malcolm[/name]
4 [name]Finn[/name] [name]Gregory[/name] (or Scottish [name]Gregor[/name])
5 [name]Harlan[/name] [name]Gregory[/name]
6 [name]Grayson[/name] [name]David[/name]
7 [name]Arlo[/name] [name]Gregory[/name]
8 [name]Gabriel[/name] [name]David[/name]

I forgot to add [name]Grayson[/name] [name]David[/name] is my favorite.

I like [name]Grayson[/name] better than [name]Archie[/name] and love [name]Finn[/name] and [name]Griffin[/name] out of your other names listed. [name]Gregory[/name] is a great MN too! Good luck!

I absolutely love [name]Grey[/name]/[name]Gray[/name], but I don’t like [name]Grayson[/name] at all. It sounds feminine (Gracen). I also love [name]Leo[/name], [name]Archie[/name], and [name]Malcolm[/name].