Thoughts on my girl names

Would love to hear your thoughts on each girl name - flow, associations, imagery, who you see, etc.

[name_f]Liv[/name_f] [name_f]Cosima[/name_f]
[name_f]Florence[/name_f] [name_f]Nina[/name_f] (nn [name_f]Flora[/name_f])
[name_f]Emilia[/name_f] [name_f]Iris[/name_f]
[name_f]Tallulah[/name_f] [name_f]Jane[/name_f] (nn [name_f]Lula[/name_f])
[name_u]Marlowe[/name_u] [name_f]Violet[/name_f]
[name_u]Eden[/name_u] [name_f]Soleil[/name_f]
[name_f]Amara[/name_f] Bloom
[name_f]Alice[/name_f] [name_f]Daisy[/name_f]

Also - with [name_f]Liv[/name_f] [name_f]Cosima[/name_f], which do you think works best as a sibset?

Your name list looks lovely!

[name_f]Liv[/name_f] [name_f]Cosima[/name_f] - I am so glad to see [name_f]Cosima[/name_f] here; I think it’s a such a beautiful, underrated name. Both names have powerful meanings and they sound great together; strong and graceful.
[name_f]Florence[/name_f] [name_f]Nina[/name_f] (nn [name_f]Flora[/name_f]) - I think [name_f]Florence[/name_f] is stately and elegant, but it’s lost when paired with [name_f]Nina[/name_f], from a stylistic point of view. [name_f]Nina[/name_f] is equivalent to [name_f]Ella[/name_f] or [name_f]Etta[/name_f] or [name_f]Tina[/name_f] to me; it just sounds like the end of many longer names.
[name_f]Emilia[/name_f] [name_f]Iris[/name_f] - The mental image I get when I think of [name_f]Emilia[/name_f] is a bunch of irises, so this name combo works perfectly! It seems very playful, very mysterious, and very soft blue skies.
[name_f]Tallulah[/name_f] [name_f]Jane[/name_f] (nn [name_f]Lula[/name_f]) - The downside to [name_f]Tallulah[/name_f] is the infinite permutations of its L placements. Other than that, the combo has a pleasant flow and [name_f]Jane[/name_f] is a sweet touch. Not my utter favorite, but it’s very cute.
[name_u]Marlowe[/name_u] [name_f]Violet[/name_f] - I’m personally a stickler about surnames as first names, especially on girls, but [name_u]Marlowe[/name_u] is so beautiful (meaning: “driftwood”) that I find myself a little bit conflicted! I do think that the pronunciation of [name_u]Marlowe[/name_u] [name_f]Violet[/name_f] is a bit messy, and I think a one syllable middle name would better suit [name_u]Marlowe[/name_u].
[name_u]Eden[/name_u] [name_f]Soleil[/name_f] - I like [name_u]Eden[/name_u] but I’m not crazy about it; it seems a little too trendy next to your otherwise eclectic and classic names. I feel the same way about [name_f]Soleil[/name_f]; it has a trendiness that doesn’t “go” with any of the others.
[name_f]Amara[/name_f] Bloom - I find [name_f]Amara[/name_f] a bit plain; it doesn’t evoke any strong imagery to me. Bloom isn’t a very attractive-sounding word in my opinion; I’d go with [name_f]Blossom[/name_f] over Bloom.
[name_f]Alice[/name_f] [name_f]Daisy[/name_f] - [name_f]Alice[/name_f] is very sweet and darling and [name_f]Daisy[/name_f] makes this a cupcake-frilly combo, which isn’t a bad thing :slight_smile:

[name_f]Liv[/name_f] [name_f]Cosima[/name_f] & [name_f]Emilia[/name_f] [name_f]Iris[/name_f] would work best, to me.

[name_f]Liv[/name_f] [name_f]Cosima[/name_f]
[name_f]Florence[/name_f] [name_f]Nina[/name_f] (nn [name_f]Flora[/name_f]) - [name_f]Florence[/name_f] [name_f]Nina[/name_f] is a sophisticated young woman who loves traveling and the arts. [name_f]Flora[/name_f] is a friendly little girl.
[name_f]Emilia[/name_f] [name_f]Iris[/name_f] - sensitive, beautiful, and friendly but discerning. She has good taste and shares her opinions freely.
[name_f]Tallulah[/name_f] [name_f]Jane[/name_f] (nn [name_f]Lula[/name_f]) - this just feels trendy. I like the names together but I don’t get any strong associations. Perhaps that would change if I ever met a [name_f]Tallulah[/name_f].
[name_u]Marlowe[/name_u] [name_f]Violet[/name_f] - a sweet child. It seems a little shy and quiet, but also outdoorsy. I can see a young girl who loves animals and riding horses, and reading, who is pleasant to others but not overly talkative.
[name_u]Eden[/name_u] [name_f]Soleil[/name_f] - I don’t like an English place name ‘[name_u]Eden[/name_u]’ combined with a [name_m]French[/name_m] word name. I don’t see any images in my mind’s eye… it almost reminds me of the name of a sunscreen you might buy while on vacation in the south of [name_f]France[/name_f].
[name_f]Amara[/name_f] Bloom - this feels like a character name, and it reminds me of [name_m]Orlando[/name_m] Bloom, making Bloom look like a last name. That said, I definitely hear poetry in this name. It has an intelligent feel, and reminds me of a fresh garden, with exotic flowers. Beautiful.
[name_f]Alice[/name_f] [name_f]Daisy[/name_f] - I like the vintage aspect and how the name [name_f]Daisy[/name_f] makes [name_f]Alice[/name_f] seem less prim, but on the other hand [name_f]Alice[/name_f] makes [name_f]Daisy[/name_f] look to cutesy. [name_f]Alice[/name_f] is the most conservative name on your list. It reminds me of [name_f]Alice[/name_f] in Wonderland and of small children. It doesn’t make me think of a grown up.

Top 3
[name_f]Emilia[/name_f] [name_f]Iris[/name_f]
[name_u]Marlowe[/name_u] [name_f]Violet[/name_f]
[name_f]Amara[/name_f] Bloom

I forgot [name_f]Liv[/name_f] [name_f]Cosima[/name_f] - this names feels very sophisticated, but approachable. It also has flair, so I see someone who is extroverted and confident, but also joyous, with a serious side. :slight_smile: I might choose it over [name_f]Amara[/name_f] Bloom for my Top 3, but it’s close.

I can’t edit, sorry for all the replies, but I wanted to say that ‘[name_f]Alice[/name_f] [name_f]Daisy[/name_f]’ sounds like the name of a small child to me, not ‘[name_f]Alice[/name_f]’ on its own.

[name_f]Liv[/name_f] [name_f]Cosima[/name_f] - neither of these names are my style, but I think they go well together and have a nice flow. It’s a nice pairing.
[name_f]Florence[/name_f] [name_f]Nina[/name_f] (nn [name_f]Flora[/name_f]) - I feel like stylistically these names don’t go together. The individual names are fine, but the combo feels strange and off.
[name_f]Emilia[/name_f] [name_f]Iris[/name_f] - Beautiful combo. probably my favorite from your list. Beautiful names which compliment each other very well.
[name_f]Tallulah[/name_f] [name_f]Jane[/name_f] (nn [name_f]Lula[/name_f]) - This one feels a bit more quirky and spunky than your other combos, but I do think it’s cute. [name_f]Jane[/name_f] is a nice simple compliment for [name_f]Tallulah[/name_f].
[name_u]Marlowe[/name_u] [name_f]Violet[/name_f] - I’m just not crazy about the flow of these names together. They just feel slightly awkward when said out loud together.
[name_u]Eden[/name_u] [name_f]Soleil[/name_f] - I’m not sure about this one. I do like [name_u]Eden[/name_u] but for some reason it feels pretentious when paired with [name_f]Soleil[/name_f]. It’s not that I think [name_f]Soleil[/name_f] is necessarily pretentious, they just feel pretentious as a combo. I think [name_f]Violet[/name_f] [name_f]Soleil[/name_f] would be lovely. What about [name_u]Eden[/name_u] [name_f]Aurora[/name_f]?
[name_f]Amara[/name_f] Bloom - I think [name_f]Amara[/name_f] is absolutely stunning, but for some reason Bloom takes away some of the romance if the name and makes it feel more simple and plain. It just doesn’t have a great flow for me.
[name_f]Alice[/name_f] [name_f]Daisy[/name_f] - This name is really sweet, but I feel like the combo won’t age well. It feels very young.

With [name_f]Liv[/name_f] [name_f]Cosima[/name_f] my favorite is [name_f]Emilia[/name_f] [name_f]Iris[/name_f]. I think they would make a lovely sibset.

[name_f]Liv[/name_f] [name_f]Cosima[/name_f]- I love [name_f]Liv[/name_f], not so much [name_f]Cosima[/name_f] though. They flow together okay.
[name_f]Florence[/name_f] [name_f]Nina[/name_f] (nn [name_f]Flora[/name_f])- I don’t think this flows well.
[name_f]Emilia[/name_f] [name_f]Iris[/name_f]- beautiful.
[name_f]Tallulah[/name_f] [name_f]Jane[/name_f] (nn [name_f]Lula[/name_f])- I greatly dislike the name [name_f]Tallulah[/name_f] but this combo is lovely.
[name_u]Marlowe[/name_u] [name_f]Violet[/name_f]- I prefer [name_f]Harlow[/name_f]
[name_u]Eden[/name_u] [name_f]Soleil[/name_f]- Pretty, flows very nicely.
[name_f]Amara[/name_f] Bloom- I’m not a fan.
[name_f]Alice[/name_f] [name_f]Daisy[/name_f]- This is cute.

I absolutely adore [name_u]Marlowe[/name_u] [name_f]Violet[/name_f]! That’s definitely my favorite off of your list :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback so far - It’s so interesting to hear what people see. I think my favorites are [name_f]Liv[/name_f] [name_f]Cosima[/name_f], [name_f]Emilia[/name_f] [name_f]Iris[/name_f], and [name_f]Florence[/name_f] [name_f]Nina[/name_f]. [name_f]Nina[/name_f] is a family name, but I’m open to other middle name suggestions?