Thoughts on name choice PLEASE!

What do you think of the name - [name]Asher[/name] [name]Jackson[/name] [name]Williams[/name]?
First name is a definate but unsure of middle??

[name]Hi[/name]! I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Asher[/name] [name]Williams[/name], but [name]Asher[/name] [name]Jackson[/name] doesn’t sound the best to me. I think that a longer or shorter middle that doesn’t share [name]Asher[/name]'s short A sound would sound amazing! It may just be me, but [name]Asher[/name] [name]Jackson[/name] is kind of awkward for me to say because of the sh/j sounds. Hmm…

I think that [name]Asher[/name] is such a handsome name. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

[name]Asher[/name] is great but I agree that it doesn’t flow that well with [name]Jackson[/name].

[name]How[/name] about-

[name]Asher[/name] [name]Harrison[/name] [name]Williams[/name]
[name]Asher[/name] [name]Jacob[/name] [name]Williams[/name]
[name]Asher[/name] [name]Jameson[/name] [name]Williams[/name]
[name]Asher[/name] [name]Alexander[/name] [name]Williams[/name]
[name]Asher[/name] [name]Franklin[/name] [name]Williams[/name]

Not loving [name]Asher[/name] [name]Jackson[/name] but I do like [name]Asher[/name]!

[name]How[/name] about
[name]Asher[/name] [name]Luke[/name] [name]Williams[/name]
[name]Asher[/name] [name]Frank[/name] [name]Williams[/name]
[name]Asher[/name] [name]Ben[/name] [name]Williams[/name]
[name]Asher[/name] [name]Beau[/name] [name]Williams[/name]
[name]Asher[/name] [name]Max[/name] [name]Williams[/name]
[name]Asher[/name] [name]Creed[/name] [name]Williams[/name]

I think a strong one-syllable mn sounds best.

Good luck!

Thanks guys…my hunch was right then…thought [name]Jackson[/name] was a bit much and really thought a one syllable name would be better!

Dont know why its so hard for a middle name…maybe we wont have one!