Thoughts on Quincy?

My husband likes this name and it has been growing on me a lot. What are your reactions to the name? I like that it’s a bit nerdy-chic, so long as it is somewhat and not [name]JUST[/name] nerdy. :slight_smile:

I love Q names for boys. But feel that [name]Quentin[/name] and [name]Quinn[/name] are just a bit too obvious these days. I [name]LOVE[/name] your idea of [name]Quincy[/name]

I don’t like it as much as [name]Quentin[/name] or [name]Quinn[/name], or even [name]Quint[/name]. Also I think of [name]Quincy[/name] the tv show, although I never watched it so I don’t know if that’s good or bad. :confused:

I like it fine. I also think nerdy, but not too over the top nerdy. I like [name]Quentin[/name] better, possibility with the nn [name]Quincy[/name], but I think [name]Quincy[/name] could work great on it’s own, and [name]Quince[/name] is a nice nickname.

I have never heard of the TV show. Maybe that didn’t air here. (I’m in [name]Canada[/name]).

I think it was a US show, but they play repeats here (UK) on daytime tv.

I adore the name [name]Quincy[/name]. I think it has the nerdy cool vibe going for it, as well as a bit of panache. I love the nns [name]Quince[/name] and [name]Quinn[/name]. It’s on my list.

Personally I prefer [name]Quentin[/name] but [name]Quincy[/name] is a close second and has a presidential tie in with [name]John[/name] [name]Quincy[/name] [name]Adams[/name] that gives it a bit of extra personality.

I think [name]Quincy[/name] is very nice. It’s less expected than [name]Quinn[/name] and [name]Quentin[/name], both of which seem to be gaining in popularity.