Thoughts on Roger

My husband really loves the name [name]Roger[/name]. What do you guys think? I am having a hard time warming up to it.

It seems quite dated to me. Some dated names have a cool vintage feel to them… This one however, doesn’t. At least not to me. Might be best to go with the hundred year rule on that one.

Ooooooh I absolutely love the name [name]Roger[/name]! It’s my Grandpa’s name and I think it’d be fun to use it but seeing as I’m only 17 my tastes will probably change before I have a chance to. I’d love to hear of someone else using it; I’d admire the daring. I think [name]Roe[/name] is a cute nickname and would bridge the generation gap between [name]Roger[/name] and 2012. Give [name]Roger[/name] a chance; it might not work for you but I think [name]Roger[/name] is a lovely name!

I’ve loved [name]Roger[/name] since [name]Roger[/name] Federer became a top tennis player. Maybe this will give you some positive name association, not just the older man image! [name]Roger[/name] is a strong and classy name [name]IMO[/name].

I love other classic R- names like [name]Richard[/name] and [name]Robert[/name], but I can’t warm up to [name]Roger[/name] either. Maybe it’s that “oj” sound in the middle; I just don’t find it attractive.

I’ve been warming up to [name]Roger[/name] lately. It’s a solid name, imo. If you can’t warm up to it, maybe compromise and put it in the middle?

I don’t like it. It seems like name that would only suit a bearer over the age of 50.

While I’m open to many vintage/“grandpa” names, [name]Roger[/name] forever has the “stodgy middle-aged man” image for me.

I am from the US and that name is always the characters in tv shows or movies that are doofy. Like in [name]Sister[/name] [name]Sister[/name] he was the annoying kid who lived next door and the family was always yelling “rog-errrrr!” or [name]Roger[/name] Rabbit…that funny bunny movie from the 80’s
but if you guys [name]BOTH[/name] like it go with it…but if Mama doesn’t like it then nix it…

I like a lot of older, vintage names, but [name]Roger[/name] still feels terminally middle-aged to me.