Thoughts on some of these new loves of mine?

It’s been a long time, berries! I’m off my hiatus and I definitely need to do some updating to my name lists!
I definitely trust everyone’s opinions here and I’d love to hear your thoughts on some new names I’ve come across.

[name]Ara[/name]: Loving the simplicity.

Rosabel: I dangerously mixed two of my favorites, [name]Rose[/name] and [name]Annabel[/name]. I really like the outcome.

[name]Nova[/name]: Falling more and more for this one, especially how it means “chasing butterflies”

[name]Milena[/name]: Too European? [name]Love[/name] the meaning.

[name]Lula[/name]: I love this one to the moon and back. Too L-heavy, though?

Thanks :)!

Maybe [name]Arabel[/name]/[name]Arabelle[/name] instead of Rosabel. I also like [name]Rosalie[/name] better. [name]Lula[/name] is a little dog-ish for me (sorry). [name]Milena[/name] is too [name]Mila[/name] Kunis for me. I do think it is cute but sooo many ways to pronounce it; may not be worth it. [name]Mila[/name] is better for me, simple!!

[name]Milena[/name] and [name]Lula[/name] are my favorites! [name]Lula[/name] might be better as a nickname, but [name]Milena[/name] is SO pretty!

[name]Ara[/name]: Interesting, it would have to grow on me
Rosabel: It’s okay, I much prefer [name]Rosalie[/name] or [name]Rosaline[/name]
[name]Nova[/name]: I like this, it’s not my style, but it’s cool!
[name]Milena[/name]: [name]Love[/name] it, and I don’t think that it’s too European.
[name]Lula[/name]: Nah, not so much

[name]Ara[/name]: Is this air-a or are-a? Not really loving either. I do like [name]Arabella[/name], though. And possibly [name]Aria[/name].
Rosabel: I actually kind of love this!
[name]Nova[/name]: Not my style, but has a nice sound.
[name]Milena[/name]: I really dislike this for some reason. Sounds like a woman in her fifties or sixties to me, I don’t know why.
[name]Lula[/name]: I don’t really like this. I don’t think it has too much of the L-sound, I’m just not loving the name. I like [name]Luna[/name], though.

I’m pronouncing [name]Ara[/name] as ah-ra, not air-ah, just to clarify :).

[name]Lula[/name] sounds like a mashup of [name]Lulu[/name] and [name]Lola[/name]. I don’t really like it. [name]Lulu[/name] or [name]Lola[/name] seem more acceptable.

I like milena and Rosabel the best out of your options.

I like [name]Milena[/name] and lula I like but only as a nn for [name]Eloise[/name] or [name]Talullah[/name]

[name]Ara[/name]: Sweet and simple, I really like this one

Rosabel: It could work, not a major fan but I still think it’s a pretty good one

[name]Nova[/name]: IT MEANS CHASING BUTTERFLIES? I have this name as one of my favourites and this makes it even better! (Although I thought it meant “new”)

[name]Milena[/name]: Not my thing, I guess.

[name]Lula[/name]: A mix of two names I like ([name]Luna[/name] and [name]Lola[/name]) but the outcome is less likeable than the parent names.

I like Rosabel! [name]Lula[/name] I like the idea of… maybe a NN for [name]Tallulah[/name]? [name]Nova[/name] is pretty cool too actually

I love [name]Milena[/name]! So pretty! [name]Nova[/name] is pretty cool too! [name]Lula[/name] is s little too cutsey for me, adorable up to 6 , not so much after that. [name]Ara[/name] is not my thing, sorry. Its nothing horrible though. Rosabel is okay, its nice enough, it doesn’t really do anything for me.