Thoughts on the name Lake??

Hubby is really loving the name [name]Lake[/name] for a boy right now. At first I didn’t like it but its starting to really grow on me. But I need more opinions. So what do you berries think of the name [name]Lake[/name] for a boy?? :slight_smile:

I really associate it more with girls.

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I think it’s interesting. I want to like it but as @boyandgirl has already illustrated, quite a few people seem to see it more as a girls’ name. I think something like using [name]Lake[/name] as a MN, or as a NN for something like [name]Lachlan[/name]/[name]Lochlan[/name], would work well. I do like that it’s a natural, striking choice for a boy. I’ve never met a [name]Lake[/name] (either gender), but I think I would be quite pleasantly surprised to find it on a boy. I like [name]Lark[/name]/[name]Larkin[/name] better as options for girls.

[name]Lake[/name] seems masculine to me because I knew a VERY manly guy with this as his LN so I just associate the name to him. I think it is best as an MN though on either gender.

I actually like it! It’s pretty rare (well below the Top 1,000) for either gender but currently a bit more popular for boys on the SSA list.

I like it for either but [name]Lake[/name] is cute for a boy it’s also on my list.

I prefer it on a boy, not girl, actually. I do like [name]Lachlan[/name] more, though!

I would associate this name more with girls. Maybe something more “manly” for a boy, like Sea or [name]Ocean[/name]. I just feel like [name]Lake[/name] seems a little dull for a boy, but more than fabulous on a girl! :slight_smile:

Awful for a girl, great for a boy, has a more masculine feel. [name]Lark[/name] is a much better choice for a girl.