Thoughts on the name Naomi???

[name_m]How[/name_m] do you picture a girl called [name_f]Naomi[/name_f] to be like? What do you think of the name itself?

I really like [name_f]Naomi[/name_f]. It’s got a sweet sound but definitely feels like a strong name to suit a girl throughout a lifetime. It’s traditional and recognisable without ever being too popular, so shouldn’t “date” down the line. A great choice!

My only hesitation with the name is that, where I am at least, people pronounce it all sorts of different ways. I have a friend [name_f]Naomi[/name_f] (“nay-OH-me”) who is frequently called “ny-OH-me” or “NAY-uh-me”. I’m not as keen on those other pronunciations so that would bother me, though perhaps it is less of a problem for you?

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[name_f]Naomi[/name_f] is my favorite biblical name-not that being biblical is a requirement -but I know if someone asks such a question, I am never stuck for an answer because [name_f]Naomi[/name_f] is such a lovely name for me.

I love the name for all the reasons that have been mentioned. It is feminine but strong and recognizable yet uncommon. I don’t think it would ever sound dated. A wonderful choice!

I think [name_f]Naomi[/name_f] is a lovely name. I say it nay-Oh-me but I do know others who say Ny-oh-me.
I think the biblical character is wonderful (I generally have a soft spot for [name_f]Naomi[/name_f] and [name_f]Ruth[/name_f]).
It spells ‘I Moan’ backwards, which I promise you will come up at some point when she’s between 8-13. But every [name_f]Naomi[/name_f] I know has survived that.

I was just talking about this name! I love it and its completely underused. If you’re [name_m]Christian[/name_m], [name_f]Naomi[/name_f] is an awesome biblical name that hasn’t been used by 100 others and if you’re not [name_m]Christian[/name_m], its great too for uniqueness but not being invented. Definitely would pronounce it nay - OH - me. Anyways, as you can tell I’m a fan!

I think it’s great. I’ve only ever heard it pronounced nay-OH-mee.