Thoughts on this middle name idea?

[name]Hi[/name] berries,

I’ve been running a lot of middle names by you guys – hope you don’t mind! My latest idea is [name]Magdalene[/name] [name]Johanna[/name] [name]Che[/name]—. Is that too much of a mouthful? Sometimes I look at it and think it’s gorgeous and other times it seems clunky. [name]Johanna[/name] is my grandmother’s name. As I’ve mentioned on here before, we’re just really struggling with a middle name for [name]Magdalene[/name].

THanks everyone!

Personally, I’m a fan of long names, and [name]Maggie[/name] [name]Jo[/name] is precious.
If you still feel it’s too many syllables, you could slim it down to [name]Magdalene[/name] [name]Johanne[/name], to still honor gma but take it down a syllable.