Thoughts on this name


So I was browsing YouTube and I came across this family channel. Super cool family of 5 and one of their daughters names is Karnation.

I’m assuming that it is a take on the flower Carnation, which happen to be my favorite flower.

What are your honest opinions on this name spelled Karnation and would you name a daughter this?

Thanks so much and please respond, I am genuinely curious because I quite like the name.

I suppose Carnation isn’t too bad (although it reminds me of “What in tarnation?!”) but I abhor the Karnation spelling. I tend to like floral names, but Carnation is a bit too out-there for me.

It’s a flower name that I don’t feel has a pretty sound to it. It makes me hear “car nation” which sounds like the name of an auto dealership. The K spelling of Karnation makes it even worse for me personally.

Carnations, as a flower, are very nice. Carnation, as a name, I can see the appeal of but I don’t love it. And I don’t like it spelled with a K at all.

[name_m]Aren[/name_m]'t carnations usually associated with funerals?
I could be wrong.

If you love it, do it with C, not a K.

Thanks so much for the imput!!