Thoughts on this saint's name

I’m wondering what people’s thoughts are on the name [name]Bosco[/name]. It’s the last name of a very cool saint named [name]John[/name] [name]Bosco[/name] and was just hoping for some honest feedback. Thanks!

Honestly, i like it!

[name]Bosco[/name] is my neighbor’s dog’s name…so that’s what it reminds me of…Also kind of sounds like a company or brand name. Sorry, not my style.

I’m not a fan. Makes me think of Costco

[name]Bosco[/name] makes me think of these things they serve in the cafeteria at my college - bosco sticks. They are basically fried bread-sticks with cheese in the middle, and, though I’ve never tried them, I can say that they look - and sound - revolting…

Sorry, but all I can think about is that episode of Seinfeld where [name]George[/name]'s bank code is [name]Bosco[/name] after his favorite brand of chocolate syrup. I associate way too many things with Seinfeld though :).

Haha, same here. Better of using [name]John[/name] :slight_smile:

There is a high school with this name but I think [name]Bosco[/name] sounds like a dog’s name (and I hadn’t even read the previous post saying the same thing).

I dont like it at all…
[name]John[/name] is a handsome, solid name…

Agreed! It’s too bad, because [name]St[/name]. [name]John[/name] [name]Bosco[/name] is a good inspiration for a name, and [name]Bosco[/name] does have kind of a cool sound.

[name]Bosco[/name] is a name that bullies will love in school. If u love that much use it as the middle name

[name]Bosco[/name] is a name that bullies will love in school. If u love that much use it as the middle name

[name]Bosco[/name] reminds me of all the silly things already mentioned, the episode of Seinfeld most of all. It reminds me of the kind of unusable name they would use on a tv character who doesn’t have a lot of sharp thoughts, but in thinking about it, I recalled Brisco - as in The Adventures of Brisco County, [name]Jr[/name]. I’ll have to look at the dvds again, it was a very clever show. Maybe you would consider Brisco? It sounds cooler. It’s not in the nameberry database, but Behind the Names has Briscoe, an English surname, meaning “birch wood.”

If not, you should at least check out the show (if you haven’t already), maybe it is on cable in reruns or rent it or see if your library has them. Out of 241 reviews on Amazon, 210 give it 5 stars, and the only 4 1-star ratings are due to price and customer issues, not the show itself!

I kind of like it, probably because it reminds me of [name]Roscoe[/name], which I adore. But I could also see it being a little problematic just because it is a little more out there.

It also reminds me a little bit of an [name]East[/name] Coast department store called Boscov’s.