Thoughts on two middle names in 2020

  • Two middles is a great choice
  • Two middles COULD be okay if you had a good reason
  • Two middles is overly complicated and long

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Using two middles would help me honor two special people with my last baby. But is it just too complicated (official paperwork) or too much?

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I know plenty of children born in the past five years with two middle names and it’s something I’ve considered myself. I’d say it’s totally fine!

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I have two middle names, it rarely comes up and I have never had it cause any trouble with paperwork. It’s really more of a fun fact more than anything else. I have two because it’s a tradition in my family, but I feel like having people you want to honor is a more than valid reason to have two middle names.

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Working in L&D - I always felt like 2 middle names was excessive. Then I found myself in a situation where I really only want one child, so now I feel that 2 middle names are needed for who I want to honor, etc.

I went back and forth about hyphenating the middle name, but I’ve ultimately decided to hyphenate it. I used to believe that every person with 2 last names hyphenated it. I’ve since learned that it is not necessary so many people have a space between their 2 last names… Especially for my boy name, I want the middle name hyphenated so no one mistakes part of the middle name for part of the last name.

However, I think if someone were to give their child 2 last names and 2 middle names on top of it would be excessive. But it’s their kid, so I’m not judging lol

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Since I have two middle names (and my boyfriend has as well by the way) I’ve always assumed my baby will as well. I’m still pretty early on in my pregnancy and we’ve just started to look around for names, but the fact that the child will have three names has never been up for debate.

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Nothing wrong at all with two middles! You could choose two for any number of reasons. To honor multiple people, because the flow is nice, because you simply love the idea of using those three names. It’s all dependent on what you’re looking for in a combo and what you believe works best for the name you want.

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I was torn between “two middles could be okay” and “two middles is overly complicated.” What’s the point of two middles? If you have an important family member to honor, then I understand, but I feel like there needs to be a good reason. It’s just not my thing, but I can still see the appeal.

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Yes, I agree! Yet I find myself with two people I really want to honor but just don’t feel like either are a good first name option for my taste and style I’ve used for my first 3 kids. Naming is hard!

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It sure is! I wish I had some advise to give you clarity.

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I think two middles is great! I don’t usually consider it with my own combos, but there is something about the idea I’ve always loved. I say go for it – especially since it is important to you to honor those people in your life. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know children with at least 3
It’s just a matter of preference

I misread this as “(and my boyfriend has a well by the way)” and I was like, weird flex but ok. Haha oops, looks like I need to get some sleep.


I absolutely would have used two middle names for my daughter if her surname wasn’t so long. To me, it’s just more of an opportunity to honour family/reference characters, writers etc you love/just have fun with names. I think if your child’s surname is simple enough two middle names won’t cause him/her any issues.

The only potential problem I could see with paperwork is if all 3 given names were quite long. Some forms have limited space and the name might not fit, but there are usually ways round it.

I think two middles is great! I love family history &, there are so many people with the same name. Two middles makes you a little more unique & I kinda wish I had done that for my kids.

I think it’s cool to have two middle names! I myself have two middle names, so I might be a bit biased. But I think it works.

I say go for it! This is your last baby and you will get two honor both people. Wonderful choice in my opionon!

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I used 2 middle names.

So many people on Nameberry love two middles but I REALLY dislike it. I think it’s over the top and unnecessary. I could see you doing it if it is a family or cultural tradition or maybe you are honoring two people with the middle names. But doing it just because is kind of unnecessary. I know a girl with two middle names because her parents couldn’t pick between the two of them and she always has trouble on government documents.

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I had [name_f]Bea[/name_f] in 2018 and she has two middles. There have been no issues so far when it comes to paperwork. I would say most documents only give her one middle initial but it doesn’t seem to matter. Edited to add: Was just reading some above comments about middle name length. Both of Bea’s middles are pretty short so all of her names fit on documents fine. But maybe there could be an issue if they didn’t fit. Our reason for using two middles: we couldn’t decide between Hazel and June and we just wanted to :stuck_out_tongue: and Hazel is an honor name