Thoughts on ZILEN for a boy

Hello all!

Wanted to get your thoughts on a possible boys name – ZILEN.

It’s not a “real” name, and I’m actually opposed to made-up names, but this one is actually a portion of my grandmother’s maiden name. I really want to honor her in some way with one of my future children, but her first and middle names just don’t work for a daughter (noted at the end of the post). But her maiden name was [name]Van[/name] Zilen. I told my husband, and he thought Zilen would be a great boys name (which is surprising, because he hates everything!). But seeing as how it’s not a “real” name I wanted some advice!

Thanks everyone! :smiley:

And for the curious, here are my grandmother’s other names, and why they don’t work:

First name – [name]HELMA[/name] – I just really dislike it. Sounds old to me, and it has “hell” in it.

Middle name #1 – [name]SOPHIE[/name] – Two things: it’s too popular, and it doesn’t work with our last name.

Middle name #2 – [name]AUGUSTA[/name] – I might like this name, except that I’m from [name]Maine[/name], and [name]Augusta[/name] is the capital, so I’ll always associate it with that city (and it’s not a great city, either!).

What about [name]August[/name] for a boy? Seems like it might pull enough from her name without going super unusual (and I do think Zilen will get a lot of raised eyebrows). Alternatively, you could do [name]Van[/name], too.

Thanks for the suggestions! [name]August[/name] doesn’t really do it for me; first, he’d have to be born in [name]August[/name] (otherwise it would seem odd to me, despite the true reason for the name), and second, our last name starts with a G, and when I say the name it’s too much hard G sound.

I had considered [name]Van[/name], but it just seems less special, since it’s the typical Dutch prefix. The Zilen portion of the name is what’s unique to her, really. (Also, the husband nixed [name]Van[/name], which is probably the main reason, and I’m just now justifying it!)

Zilen? Sounds like [name]Zion[/name] which for whatever reason people are actually naming their kids. I don’t know why you’re considering [name]Sophie[/name] for a middle name for a boy. Maybe wait until the next baby (if you’re planning another) hope its a girl, and call her [name]Hellen[/name].

I think you should put Zilen in the middle spot. It’s just too out there for a first name and a lot of people will assume you made it up to be khreatif. I like the idea of using [name]August[/name] to honor [name]Augusta[/name] as well.

Oh, sorry! I was not clear. I was explaining why all of her names would NOT work for girls, and thus why I was considering Zilen for a boy. My bad – I certainly would not use [name]Sophie[/name] for a boy’s middle! It was one of her middle names!

I’m a little surprised that this seems too “out there” to the 'berries! But it is what it is, that’s why I asked!

[name]Helen[/name] is a nice name… But it wasn’t her name. [name]Helma[/name] is a derivative of [name]Wilhelmina[/name], so I’ve considered that name, as well as [name]Willa[/name], for a girl.