Three fictional landed gentry characters (for a theatre play)

Hello everybody,

we are looking for the names of three fictional british landed gentry characters.

One is from a very rich family (so rich he never needs to work, but spend his time going on adventures), but while the family is an old one, it is not that respected, because they are weird.
The two other ones are his cousins and come from a family with a better name (because their father’s family was more respected). They are also that rich that they never need to work a day in their life.

They all live in the british country side, it is however no mentioned where (and does not play a role for the play). They live some time in the past, but it is not really clear when (and it does not really matter, because they end up in a fantasy world anyway). They do live in a time without cars and television or electricity.

Could you help us with finding some names? Thank you :slight_smile:

[name]Just[/name] so you know, there is a forum called “Writer’s Corner” where you might get better help for fictional characters. Anyway, I think traditional English names would suit your characters.


Try to think about the personalities of your characters are. Research name meanings and see if you can find some similarities between the meaning of the name and personalities of your characters. If they end up in a fantasy world, maybe there should be a mythological edge to the names. Also, you could give your characters names based on other literary characters or historical figures that they share something in common with. The more detail you give your writing, the better it will be. Break a leg!