Thyra Jordan & Eurydice Jordan

What do you think of [name]Thyra[/name] [name]Jordan[/name] or [name]Eurydice[/name] [name]Jordan[/name]?

I can see the quirky appeal of [name]Thyra[/name] but I hear ‘thyroid’ :confused: I prefer [name]Lyra[/name] or Thaisa.

I’m a real history buff, so I really like [name]Eurydice[/name], both prn the original way (yoo-RID-ee-kee) and the more standard English yoo-RID-ee-see.
It’s quite a brave choice though. [name]Edie[/name] as a nickname would make it more accessible, I think.

[name]Thyra[/name] is pronounced with a t sound not a th sound, like [name]Theresa[/name].

[name]Thyra[/name] is pronounced with a t sound not a th sound, like [name]Theresa[/name].[/quote]

Oh, yes, I know. Sorry, I should have said ‘see’ not ‘hear’. (Too much sleep deprivation lol).

I do like it, I just think there will be some spelling/prn issues, so [name]Eurydice[/name] gets my vote of the two :slight_smile:

the default pronunciation, in my opinion, in the US of “TH” is like “the” not like “toy…”

So you may have to correct people all the time. But if that’s cool with you, it’s an interesting name.

[name]Eurydice[/name] will be mispronounced too, but I prefer it over [name]Thyra[/name]. I enjoy Greek mythology–but not everyone has done a lot of studying of it.

I agree the “h” might cause pronunciation issues. [name]Tyra[/name] is a pretty name. I’m an [name]America[/name]'s Next Top Model fan so I do think of [name]Tyra[/name] [name]Banks[/name] (not a bad thing at all) even when it’s spelled [name]Thyra[/name]. I’m not familiar with [name]Eurydice[/name] but it’s a pretty hefty name.
Other Eu- names I like are [name]Eugenia[/name] and I absolutely love [name]Eulalie[/name]. [name]Eudora[/name] is more along the lines of [name]Eurydice[/name].

Have you considered [name]Thora[/name] or [name]Thea[/name]? (both pronouced with the “TH” sounding like the th in THin or THrow.


[name]Thyra[/name] looks just a tad too much like thyroid to me, but it has more roots than [name]Tyra[/name]. I thought [name]Eurydice[/name] was pronounced “YUR-uh-dice”, but “YUR-ih-dee-say” makes more sense.

[name]Thyra[/name] (whether pronounced th or hard T) sounds like thyroid. I agree with the previous posters on that. With the hard T, sounds like a tire or tyrant.

[name]Eurydice[/name], on the other hand, is a beautiful and evocative name.

There is just no comparison. If this is your final choice, I do hope you’ll choose [name]Eurydice[/name]!