Timothy or Silas

Timothy [name_m]Paul[/name_m] M
[name_m]Silas[/name_m] [name_m]Paul[/name_m] M

Sister is [name_f]Summer[/name_f]
Middle name would be [name_m]Paul[/name_m]

I love [name_m]Silas[/name_m]! So handsome!

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Welcome back to Nameberry!

I have to agree — [name_m]Silas[/name_m] is a wonderful name, and I think it goes a little better with [name_f]Summer[/name_f]. It feels fresher and younger than [name_u]Timothy[/name_u].

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


I much prefer [name_u]Timothy[/name_u]!

I prefer [name_m]Silas[/name_m] but both are cute!

I LOVE both these names.

I’d do [name_m]Silas[/name_m] [name_u]Timothy[/name_u] or [name_u]Timothy[/name_u] [name_m]Silas[/name_m], I love them both so much.

FYI - you probably know this, but [name_u]Timothy[/name_u], [name_m]Silas[/name_m], and [name_m]Paul[/name_m] were all co-workers who appear often together in the [name_u]New[/name_u] Testament of the Bible.


Silas [name_m]Paul[/name_m] is so darling!!

I definitely agree with @katinka here. [name_m]Silas[/name_m] gets my vote! :slight_smile:

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I really like both names but agree with @katinka and feel that [name_m]Silas[/name_m] works better with [name_f]Summer[/name_f].

Good luck!

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Silas is lovely

Timothy and [name_m]Silas[/name_m] are both wondeful options!

I love [name_m]Silas[/name_m] and [name_f]Summer[/name_f] together

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I love both and would usually avoid same initial letter siblings, but in this case I think [name_m]Silas[/name_m] sounds great with [name_f]Summer[/name_f].

I prefer [name_m]Silas[/name_m] of the two.

I prefer the cute sound and imagery of [name_u]Timothy[/name_u] :slight_smile:

Silas is my absolute #1 boys name at the moment but I actually think [name_u]Timothy[/name_u] goes better with [name_f]Summer[/name_f] :grin:

I love [name_m]Silas[/name_m] and [name_f]Summer[/name_f] together!

I like [name_u]Timothy[/name_u] best! They’re both lovely names but I prefer the sound and look of [name_u]Timothy[/name_u], especially with the mn [name_m]Paul[/name_m].

Good names, both.

I’m not big on alliterative names, so I’d prefer [name_u]Timothy[/name_u] and [name_f]Summer[/name_f] to [name_m]Silas[/name_m] and [name_f]Summer[/name_f].

Also, being an [name_f]English[/name_f] major, when I hear [name_m]Silas[/name_m], I think of the miser [name_m]Silas[/name_m] Marner in [name_u]George[/name_u] [name_u]Eliot[/name_u]’s book. This doesn’t ruin the name for me, but [name_f]Summer[/name_f] sounds so young and innocent and [name_m]Silas[/name_m] sounds a bit of an older man name to me.

Also, I’m crazy about [name_u]Timothy[/name_u]! Such a beautiful gentle yet strong sound.

Good luck!

I like [name_m]Silas[/name_m]…it sounds good with his sister. [name_m]Silas[/name_m] and [name_f]Summer[/name_f]