What do you think of the name [name]Timothy[/name] nn [name]Tim[/name] and [name]Timmy[/name]? I have always liked it but [name]Thomas[/name] nn [name]Tom[/name] has grown on me so much I may choose it over [name]Timothy[/name]. But I really just want opinions on [name]Timothy[/name]. Thanks!

I like it and I haven’t heard of a kid named [name]Tim[/name] ever which is pretty cool. I’ve only heard of a few adult Tims and I don’t think I’ve even met one. So the upside of it vs [name]Thomas[/name] to me is that it’s more uncommon, but I still personally prefer [name]Thomas[/name]/[name]Tom[/name] because it sounds a little more robust to me (there is something slightly sickly sounding about [name]Tim[/name], maybe from [name]Tiny[/name] [name]Tim[/name]).

I like the name [name]Timothy[/name] - I went to school with one.

Unfortunately, the connotation for me is somewhat spoiled because I also went to summer camp with a [name]Tim[/name] who’s nickname was “[name]Tiny[/name] [name]Timmy[/name] Timbits”… :lol:

But, I do like the name overall.

I like the name [name]Timothy[/name] quite a bit. It is my brother’s name, and he has always liked it too. I don’t like [name]Thomas[/name] because there are just so many of them. As others have said, [name]Timothy[/name] seems to have fallen out of popularity, which to me is a good thing! Better to be the only [name]Tim[/name] in school than one of several Toms.