'Tis I, yet again.

I learned that there were Siberian Huns recently, so I suddenly got this idea. The story centers around a 15 year old Italian-Finnish named Fioralba Satu Elo. [name_u]Fiore[/name_u] is able to manipulate her atomic structure and send herself back in time. Actually, its a lot more complicated than that, but it would a really long time to explain. I only need help naming one character. However, whatever name I don’t use for him, I’ll use for a different character.

A Siberian Hun of extreme intellectual and physical power. Renowned for his vicious brutality, if he doesn’t like you, you aren’t going to be able to just run away. However, he does have a strict code of honor. Example: when he first meets [name_u]Fiore[/name_u], he can’t bring himself to kill her because she’s so small( [name_u]Fiore[/name_u] is 5-5; he’s 6-8. Everyone is small compared to him). He is a half-demon. He has a deep, passionate love for battle, but his demon origin leads him to go out of control and destroy everything around him. Basically, he is a truly demonic. After meeting [name_u]Fiore[/name_u], he starts to form a gentle, soft side. Key word: FORM. He was originally just a horrible individual. His story takes place in 1138. Due to being half-demon, he can process any language-with effort and practice, of course. He, however, is about 230-something years old. I know nothing about ancient Siberian names, so help would be very appreciated.

I know that the info is kinda limited, but I got this idea in a dream last night. Like I said, any name I don’t use for
him will be used for a different character. Any help is welcome. Thank you!


Got all of these from a Russian names list.